Faster and More Intense 19: Easy Credits

Here, George and Shiloh take a look at the Expanded Universe circa the mid-90s through the lens of an obscure short story.  Trust me when I say we manage to make it a little more interesting beyond that.  Take a look or have a listen, why not?

Eric J Berry: A Star Wars Story


I just recently turned 40 and I’ve grown up with Star Wars. I am just old enough to have experienced most of it first hand and I began to think about how differently each generation will see and understand Star Wars as a whole. To someone of my generation, the reveal of Darth Vader being Luke’s father was a surprise. To younger fans, it’s always been common knowledge. Different generations have been and will continue to be introduced to Star Wars in different ways. Continue reading

Emperor’s Collection: A Very Star Wars Christmas

R2 3PO Santa

With the recent release of The Force Awakens and the accompanying flood of merchandise, people around the world are finding plenty of Star Wars product under their trees.  Star Wars has long been a holiday juggernaut, going back to 1977 and the famed (infamous?) Early Bird Kit.  But what of those times when Star Wars leans full on in to the holiday season, and fans actually end up with legitimate Star Wars/Christmas collectibles?  It happens more often than you might think.  I suppose “Moments in Collecting” might be slightly misleading, for as opposed to looking at one particular moment in time I’ll be looking at the merchandise that’s been released over the years to capitalize on the Christmas season.  Now, to accomplish that in full would be fairly difficult in and of itself, so I’m going to be putting a particular focus on the works of two companies that I know pretty well, Hasbro and Gentle Giant, with a few other choice pieces thrown in for good measure.  Now, there’s obvious Christmas stuff like the myriad Hallmark ornaments out there, but because those, for the most part, don’t actually have a cross-over between Star Wars and Christmas, I’ll be skipping them.  Sorry if that explanation isn’t clear, but it should become so momentarily. Continue reading

Star Wars Comics: Galactic Gaphics #2

Galactic Graphics podcast review returns!
This month Shiloh, George and Matt discuss the latest comic released of the Star Wars universe. Sharing opinions and viewpoints regarding storytelling and the expanded stories of the galaxy far far away.

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FMI #11 Anakin and his Angel and rapscallions.

Hello again fellow Star Wars compatriots were back again with FMI#11. This week we welcomed Jenmarie from joins us for a discussion regarding the events and issues around Anakin and Padme in the prequel area of the galaxy far far away.

Anakin and his angel front page pic

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Fasterandmoreintense #5 The Clone Wars

This week we discussed the Clone Wars television series with George Kostal from Galactic Academy. We talked about the new characters and places that the clone wars brought to us, as well as the many gaps that it filled with new information.

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Hope and Fear in Star Wars

The two emotions in Star Wars which I feel are most prevalent are hope and fear. Everything in star wars seems to be built around these two things. Characters either seem to be looking forward with hope, or giving into their fear. Today, I will be exploring what these two emotions mean for the Star Wars universe. Let’s start with hope. Continue reading