Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Review


Rebels had quite the roller coaster of a season this time around, by which I mean it was pretty up and down but ultimately a great ride. Building on the success of the smaller and more minimalist but thrilling first season, season 2 certainly gave us a load of great episodes but ultimately proved that bigger isn’t always better. Continue reading

Rebels Rambles #5: Brothers of the Broken Horn..yay!

Hello again fans of the Rebels crew. This week we met a very colorful character that is quite a fan favorite of StarWars viewing fans. Hondo Ohnaka. I have to say it was a pleasure and privilege to yet again meet the former pirate king from the old Clone Wars.
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Rebels Ramble #3 Always two there are…

Hello again folks, FMI is back with another episode of Rebels Ramble!

7th sister and 5th brothers sabers

Paul Lindberg returns to to guest host with Shiloh, George and Matt giving opinions and commentary on the recent episode of Star Wars Rebels: Always two there are.

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Star Wars Rebels Season 2 NYCC Preview!

Hello again lovers of the galaxy far far away!

Below is the New York Comic Con preview for the new trailer for of season two of Star Wars: Rebels.

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Fasterandmoreintense #5 The Clone Wars

This week we discussed the Clone Wars television series with George Kostal from Galactic Academy. We talked about the new characters and places that the clone wars brought to us, as well as the many gaps that it filled with new information.

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