Faster and More Intense 21: News and Darth Vader Issue 20

In this long delayed segment, George and Shiloh discuss some “recent” news along with the first issue of the final arc of Marvel’s Darth Vader!  The video is coming soon, but for now enjoy the audio!

EDIT: And now the video, too!

FMI #14 (or 15?lol) The speculation for Rogue One!

Thanks for taking the time to listen to Shiloh, George, Paul, and Eric Berry talk speculation and love for what they do and don’t want to see in the upcoming anthology film in the Galaxy far, far away.

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Fasterandmoreintense #12: The New Canon Novels

 Dark_Disciple_Cover th  lost-stars-cover Aftermath_Random-House1

This time on Faster and more intense, Shiloh and George are joined by Paul Lindberg, who is the owner of Cloud City Holonet and New Canon Novel extraordinaire. They discuss the four latest New Canon Novels to come out, Dark Disciple, Lords of The Sith, Lost Stars, and Aftermath. With so much to talk about, they couldn’t contain themselves so the podcast ended up being 2 hours long. So get ready for twice the great star wars talk this time on Faster and More Intense.

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FMI #11 Anakin and his Angel and rapscallions.

Hello again fellow Star Wars compatriots were back again with FMI#11. This week we welcomed Jenmarie from joins us for a discussion regarding the events and issues around Anakin and Padme in the prequel area of the galaxy far far away.

Anakin and his angel front page pic

Direct Download version link!

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FMI Podcast #7 8/28/15: A look ahead in the Star Wars Universe.

Hello folks, we’re back this week to discuss the look ahead in the Star Wars franchise.

We discuss the teaser from The Force Awakens, the little we know about Rogue One, Rebels season 2 and thoughts on what could be in Aftermath and Shattered Empire. We had guest host and author Colleen Myers give us her insight into what she expects to see in the bright future in the galaxy far, far  away.

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Character Spotlight: Grand Moff Tarkin

Tarkin Cover

Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin is one of the most interesting characters in the Star Wars saga.  In his first appearance, A New Hope, he actually commands enough respect to stop Vader from choking a fellow officer!  Once Tarkin is dead, Imperial officers start dropping like flies, thanks to that darling Sith.  What got him in to such a prestigious position?  Well, to an extent, it depends on the canon you’re looking at.   Continue reading

Fasterandmoreintense #5 The Clone Wars

This week we discussed the Clone Wars television series with George Kostal from Galactic Academy. We talked about the new characters and places that the clone wars brought to us, as well as the many gaps that it filled with new information.

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Star Wars Shattered Empire writer Greg Rucka talks with about the upcoming title!

shattered empire cover

Eisner winner Greg Rucka spoke with Dan Brooks over at about the upcoming 4 part comic series STAR WARS: Shattered Empire! We’re so excited to see new canon content after Return of the Jedi that FMI is flirting with an idea of a news stream… gasps. I know.

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Lando Micro-Cast Review!


Lando #1

Charles Soule

Alex Maleev

Paul Mounts

Alex Maleev & Edgar Delgado

Hello what have we here…

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