Dejarik Table #2

Matt, Eric and George discuss the new Rogue One trailer and their thoughts and wants for new products from the new movie that releases in December.

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Dejarik Table Podcast #1

Matt White, our co-founder on hiatus, has recently started a new project called the Dejarik Table. Here is his first podcast, featuring, among others our very own George Kostal and Eric berry. Here is the original post here. Take a listen and let them know what you think.

Where did the time go…

J.C. Reifenberg’s short film about playing with Star Wars toys captures how I felt back then and still now..

(The video can be found on YouTube here)

Edit: shout outs to J.C. and Crew for making this awesome clip with James Arnold Taylor from Clone Wars producing! The nostalgia is strong with this one…


I sat down today going through my normal Star Wars twitter feeds as I do every day. Seeing all the new hype building for The Force Awakens has me stoked on every level. So when I came across the below article I had to stop and reflect.


As my eyes followed the article, I had to keep reminding myself. I’m in my 30’s now…

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