Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Review


Rebels had quite the roller coaster of a season this time around, by which I mean it was pretty up and down but ultimately a great ride. Building on the success of the smaller and more minimalist but thrilling first season, season 2 certainly gave us a load of great episodes but ultimately proved that bigger isn’t always better. Continue reading

Rebels Ramble #1: Seige of Lothal

FMILogoREBELS RAMBLEstripedfinal

This time on rebels ramble, Shiloh and Matt discussed the latest rebels episode siege of lothal. This is the last rebels we are going to get until season two premieres in the fall, but there was enough in here to keep us talking until then. They discussed the crews growing involvement with the rebellion, Darth Vader and Ahsoka, and even about some old friends we will see in the rest of season. Join us as we ramble on about rebels.

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