Darth Vader In Rogue One


Darth Vader in Rogue One. This is a statement that now seems to have a high likelihood of being true. This statement is also extremely exciting. As I have said in previous posts, Darth Vader has become extremely interesting in the time since the new canon. He has gotten material that has broadened his character in many different ways. Some of the very best that the new canon has to offer, has explored this, namely Lords of The Sith(LOTS), Tarkin, and the Darth Vader Comic series. As a result of this material, and greater explanation of Anakin’s fall in the Clone Wars, he is now the character I am most excited to be seeing on screen. Yes, even more so than Han Solo in his spin off. Below are some characteristics of Vader I would like to see. Continue reading

Vader Down #1.

Vader Down Cover
Commence primary ignition!

Our review of Vader Down#1

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Rebels Ramble: Wings of the Master


We return this week with guest Paul Lindberg to the galaxy far, far away to analyze the season two episode of Star Wars Rebels: Wings of the Master.
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Fasterandmoreintense #12: The New Canon Novels

 Dark_Disciple_Cover th  lost-stars-cover Aftermath_Random-House1

This time on Faster and more intense, Shiloh and George are joined by Paul Lindberg, who is the owner of Cloud City Holonet and New Canon Novel extraordinaire. They discuss the four latest New Canon Novels to come out, Dark Disciple, Lords of The Sith, Lost Stars, and Aftermath. With so much to talk about, they couldn’t contain themselves so the podcast ended up being 2 hours long. So get ready for twice the great star wars talk this time on Faster and More Intense.

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Continuity in the Canon: A Study of the New Star Wars Material Through the Eyes of 3 Pivotal Characters

An essay that Shiloh Kamrath recently did on the Mos Eisley Underground.


An op-ed guest post, written by Shiloh Kamrath ofFaster and More Intense

It is an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan. On top of getting a new trilogy (along with an undetermined number of spinoff films), we are also getting a slew of books, comics, TV shows, and yes, Star Wars: Battlefront. Recently, the old EU was struck down, cleaning the slate for all this new material. Coming with this was a declaration that it would all be canon and that it all would fit together in the same universe. Today I would like to examine the continuity of this new material, and look at what ways, good and bad, that they are fitting this universe together. I am going to examine three characters who I believe are representative of the new canon. First, I’ll take a look at Darth Vader: Not only are we learning…

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Darth Vader in The New Canon


As we rush full force into the new canon, with Star Wars Rebels, the comics, the novels, the standalone, and Episode VII so much new information is being developed and brought to us. So many characters and organizations are receiving much more depth. Luke, the empire, the rebellion, order 66, the ghost crew, the emperor, and Tarkin, the list goes on and on. However, I would like to stop for a moment and examine the changes to one character, Darth Vader. Continue reading

Book Review: Lords of the Sith


Hello, again. Today I am going to be doing a spoiler-free review of the novel Lords of the Sith by Paul S Kemp. It is the fourth novel of the new canon put out by Del ray.

I must say, these novels are continuing to impress. I have never read any of the old EU, but from what I hear they range from amazing, to something you would use in “advanced interrogation techniques”. Thankfully however, all of these new books have been very good, and lords of the sith is no exception. Continue reading