Reveiw of Kanan jarrus #5

Review: Kanan – The Last Padawan #5

So, after reading Kanan #5 I am really starting to see it as a bridge between CW and rebels. This series has done a great job of holding to that New Dawn/ Rebels feel, and yet dealing with a lot of things we saw in Clone Wars. Not only that, but this series actually looks like it will be a direct continuation into the Rebel’s era. This is going to be interesting, because we may be seeing adventures with the rebel’s gang that is from Kanan’s point of view. Especially if Kanan keeps up the narrating that he has done in previous issues. This seems to imply that this comic is going to become even better than it is now. Continue reading

Reveiw of: Kanan The Last Padawan #4


Finally, the next issue of Kanan Jarrus is here, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. This series is easily my favorite of the new canon, and is doing its task, of explaining Kanan’s back story, excellently. It is unpacking who Kanan Jarrus was before and who he is now. These comics are striking a great balance between character building and an action packed storyline. As you read these comics you get the feeling that nothing is just filler. Every single frame has a purpose and helps build our opinion of this character. In my opinion these are the most masterfully written comics so far. In these comics we are learning not only who Kanan Jarrus is, but also why he is that way. Continue reading

Reveiw of: Kanan Jarrus the Last Padawan #3


Hello everyone, Shiloh here and I am going to be taking over the reviews of Kanan Jarrus for Matt. Before I get to issue number three, I would like to briefly go over the last two installments and see what new information they have brought us about Caleb Dume and the Star Wars galaxy as a whole. Continue reading

Star Wars Kanan: The Last Padawan #2

kanan #2

Kanan The Last Padawan

Writer : Greg Weisman

Artist : Pepe Larraz

Colorist : David Curiel

Cover by: Mark Brooks

To say I’m a fan of hooks and homages in Star Wars lore is an understatement. As a huge Everquest fan in the late 90’s and early 2000’s seeing what Tony Garcia and Bill Trost did with just the lore of a D&D game campaign they made and turned into a multi million player franchise (with Steve Clover/Brad McQuaid and John Smedley’s help) gives me that warm fuzzy feeling like I just ate the exact right portion of macaroni and cheese. They were able to put in hidden quests and stories not readily given to normal players but were there if someone was enough of a lore hound to find it out.

This was some of what I came across in Kanan #2. Continue reading