Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Review


Rebels had quite the roller coaster of a season this time around, by which I mean it was pretty up and down but ultimately a great ride. Building on the success of the smaller and more minimalist but thrilling first season, season 2 certainly gave us a load of great episodes but ultimately proved that bigger isn’t always better. Continue reading

Faster and More Intense: Twilight of the Apprentice

Now available for your listening pleasure is our special segment on the recent season finale of Rebels!   Featuring George, Shiloh, and our good friend Paul Lindberg, we take a dive in to this excellent episode.  Have a listen!

Rebels review: Twilight of the Apprentice part 1 & 2


Words fail me… At least short concise sentences summing things up fail me.
From the trailers it was clear this finale was going to big BIG. And while I was certainly excited I was still cautious given how many ideas and characters they would be juggling in just 44 minutes. Other episodes have juggled too many elements and fallen flat in the past and I worried the finale might suffer the same results.
God, do I love it when I’m dead wrong with my cautious optimism. What we got had me nearly in tears from the emotional depth of this finale and wracking my brain with the new mysteries we have to solve.

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FMI #13: Now Featuring 50% More Chopper Bashing


In this episode of FMI Shiloh is joined by Allen from star wars 7×7. Then George and Shiloh discuss Rebels with Kate Dubinko from Nerd of Paradise about the latest episode of Rebels, The Forgotten Droid. Finally to top it off they discuss the end of the Kanan comics. This is an episode that should not be missed.


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FMI #11 Grandma’s Homemade Quilt of Darkness

In this week’s Faster and More Intense, George and Shiloh discuss the latest Rebels, “Shroud of Darkness,” Darth Vader issue 17, and all sorts of fun news tidbits.  Have a watch or a listen.

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Faster and More Intense #10

Welcome one and all to double digits!  Within, George, Shiloh, Matt, and a cavalcade of others discuss Rebels”The Honorable Ones” and Kanan #11!  The video is forthcoming, but for now enjoy it in fabulous audio!

Faster and More Intense #9

Hello once again to yet another exciting edition of Faster and More Intense!  We’ve got it all: news, Rebels with Paul Lindberg, a discussion of Star Wars Issue 16, and some crude photoshop.  Take a look, will you?


And, of course, the audio for those who don’t feel like watching.

Rebels Review: The Call

Save the Purgill!

No, I will not say whales in space. I’m already sick of this forced meme. I never imagined Rebels taking a detour quite like this. Moreover I didn’t expect this episode to be worthwhile. So, was it? Continue reading