Eric J Berry: A Star Wars Story


I just recently turned 40 and I’ve grown up with Star Wars. I am just old enough to have experienced most of it first hand and I began to think about how differently each generation will see and understand Star Wars as a whole. To someone of my generation, the reveal of Darth Vader being Luke’s father was a surprise. To younger fans, it’s always been common knowledge. Different generations have been and will continue to be introduced to Star Wars in different ways. Continue reading

Matt White: A Star Wars Story

all we had in 88

The Dark Times…

To younger Star Wars fans (and by younger I mean under 30 years old) they may not understand this Star Wars slang term that has a double meaning for canon and for fandom.

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Looking Behind, Looking Ahead


While Disney has had ownership of Lucasfilm for a few years now, I’m left feeling like The Force Awakens is truly the beginning of the new era. Sure, we’ve had new novels, the comic book license was moved to Marvel, and we’ve seen a season or two of the Rebels animated series. However, nothing can quite compare to the launch of a new trilogy of live action films. This is now the point at which Star Wars truly becomes Disney’s baby…. without George Lucas. Continue reading

FMI#10C Part 3 of my interview with S.J. Dann and the Star-Fall project.

Thanks for returning for the third and final part of my interview with the creator of Star-Fall project’s creator. S.J. and I discuss many things sci-fi as well as Star Wars in this final portion of our interview.

We discussed most of our favorite sci-fi inspirations such as the galaxy far far away and stories that gave S.J. the ideas he spun into his upcoming epic novel and comic series Star-Fall as well as the future of the project he previewed at the on his Star-fall thread found ~here.

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Faster and More Intense #6: Star Wars Influences and Legacy…


Hello friends. Fasterandmoreintense welcomed guest host George Kostal for today’s podcast on the influences of Star Wars. A look at what stories and media influences George Lucas and Lucasfilm when creating the Star Wars franchise as well as other ways the galaxy far, far away has influenced others as well. We hope you enjoy!

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