Faster and More Intense: Twilight of the Apprentice

Now available for your listening pleasure is our special segment on the recent season finale of Rebels!   Featuring George, Shiloh, and our good friend Paul Lindberg, we take a dive in to this excellent episode.  Have a listen!

FMI #11 Grandma’s Homemade Quilt of Darkness

In this week’s Faster and More Intense, George and Shiloh discuss the latest Rebels, “Shroud of Darkness,” Darth Vader issue 17, and all sorts of fun news tidbits.  Have a watch or a listen.

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Faster and More Intense #9

Hello once again to yet another exciting edition of Faster and More Intense!  We’ve got it all: news, Rebels with Paul Lindberg, a discussion of Star Wars Issue 16, and some crude photoshop.  Take a look, will you?


And, of course, the audio for those who don’t feel like watching.

Rebels Ramble: Blood Sisters

Old Friend

The guys are back again this week to give opinions and discuss the seventh episode of Star Wars: Rebels “Blood Sisters”.
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Rebels Rambles #5: Brothers of the Broken Horn..yay!

Hello again fans of the Rebels crew. This week we met a very colorful character that is quite a fan favorite of StarWars viewing fans. Hondo Ohnaka. I have to say it was a pleasure and privilege to yet again meet the former pirate king from the old Clone Wars.
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Star Wars Rebels! Teasers, trailers and an AT-TE mobile home?

Hello friends, another Rebels teaser came out today thanks to our good friends over at the StarWars twitter feed, @STARWARS.


With all the hype leading up to Rebels season 2 premier in less then 24 hours we here at FMI thought it helpful to bunch the recent released teaser along with the other three previous ones. Hope you enjoy!

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Star Wars Rebels Season 2 NYCC Preview!

Hello again lovers of the galaxy far far away!

Below is the New York Comic Con preview for the new trailer for of season two of Star Wars: Rebels.

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