Favorite Moments from The Force Awakens


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Faster and More Intense #3

Welcome to the third installment of Faster and More Intense!  In this episode, George talks with Eric Berry about collecting, and Shiloh, Matt, and George talk about the last few weeks in comics.  We also have a nice little discussion of our favorite, non-Force Awakens moments from the last year in Star Wars.  It should be pretty wizard.  Give it a listen.

If you want to reach us, send an email to fasterandmoreintense@gmail.com.  Happy listening, and MTFBWY!

Star Wars #11 Showdown on the Smuggler’s Moon


Hello friends, I’m back with a new review of STAR WARS issue #12 Showdown on the Smuggler’s Moon.

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Our next Han Solo? Meet Poe Dameron

Oscar Isaac announced at The Force Awakens panel at Star Wars Celebration last April that his character, Poe Dameron, was “the best fricken pilot in the galaxy.”

Confident. Cocky. A bragger with swagger.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing Poe on screen December 17th – in IMAX 3D, no less – because of that smugness. He’s my choice for the character I’m most looking forward to when The Force Awakens is released next month – and the topic of this month’s Star Wars ComLINKS.

As an “original” Star Wars fan, as I affectionately refer to myself having grown up with the Original Trilogy (I was 9 when Return of the Jedi was released – the first installment of the saga I saw on the big screen), I always aligned myself closest to Han Solo. His confidence and cockiness was immensely alluring. He was cool. He was a helluva pilot. A gambler and a scoundrel, of course. He got the girl, he was heroic, and he got paid! A solid day’s work and my kind of dude. Han was the Star Wars character I role played the most as a youngling.


Poe is our next Han Solo – at least I’m hoping so. All we’ve really seen from the teasers and trailers for The Force Awakens is Poe yelling and piloting an X-wing in at least two different in-atmosphere battles. Disney Channel’s sneak peek on November 13th gave us a single Poe line of dialogue that signals a pivotal moment in the new film:

“We’ve got company.”

Coincidence that Han yelled something very similar to Luke on the Death Star? I think not.

One of my favorite scenes from the full trailer for The Force Awakens that was released during Monday Night Football on ESPN in October was Poe being tortured by Kylo Ren. I immediately thought of the other Original Trilogy character who we saw being tortured on Cloud City – Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back.

With only a handful of shots and really just the one line of dialogue, it’s hard to draw many comparisons between Poe and Han, but if my insights are serving me well, I think we’ll leave the theater after seeing The Force Awakens with the realization that Poe Dameron is our next Han Solo. After all, both characters only have three letters in their first name and neither are Force sensitive (so far). I also think Poe and Finn will have a relationship like Han and Luke did. The scrolling scene of Poe and Finn running into each other in the full trailer reminded me of Han and Luke on Yavin 4 before the attack on first Death Star.poeandfinn

Will we see Poe exude confidence and cockiness? I do think so. Will he exhibit exceptional piloting skills and leadership qualities? For sure. A gambler and scoundrel? We’ll see. Will he be heroic and get the girl? I certainly am hoping for that.

One thing’s for certain – Poe’s story in The Force Awakens will have its ups and downs and that will make his character compelling for sure. Considering what we’ve seen and heard so far, Poe’s story within the grander story will be quite interesting. Considering also how he’s already been tied to the Original Trilogy with his parents being involved in the Battle of Endor and fighting the Empire alongside Han, Leia, and Chewie, Poe’s backstory is something I’m very much looking forward to learning about.

Come December 17th, I’ll be in my seat ready to experience The Force Awakens in all its glory. With so many new characters and a brand new story, I’m sure many favorites will emerge – from its characters, its ships, planets, and epic battles. Poe’s will be one of many and I can’t wait to see his character and his heroism first hand.

I’ll close with my BOLD prediction regarding Poe and The Force Awakens, which if it does come to fruition is sure to draw applause and cheers from the Star Wars faithful in those theater seats with me:

*** Poe will utter the classic Star Wars phrase: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” ***

May the Force be with you.

Star Wars Comics: Galactic Gaphics #2

Galactic Graphics podcast review returns!
This month Shiloh, George and Matt discuss the latest comic released of the Star Wars universe. Sharing opinions and viewpoints regarding storytelling and the expanded stories of the galaxy far far away.

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Star Wars # 10 Comic Review

Galaxy readers! Thanks for being so patient. As you may have figured out we didn’t do a comic review last month in a text form as Shiloh, Paul and George did a podcast review.

I’ll be still reviewing issues of Star Wars and Darth Vader ongoing as well as being a co-host on our NEW podcast Galactic Graphics! (kermit flail) yaaay!

Anywho enough about us here at FMI lets get down the reviews of issues 10 & 11 in the main Star Wars line.

#10 cover

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So I’m (Matt) a football fan, I love the Cleveland Browns. But I love watching most other any professional football, even teams I hate playing each other in a game I’ll still watch… so last night I was going to watch MNF anyways… and ahem…

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FMI Podcast #7 8/28/15: A look ahead in the Star Wars Universe.

Hello folks, we’re back this week to discuss the look ahead in the Star Wars franchise.

We discuss the teaser from The Force Awakens, the little we know about Rogue One, Rebels season 2 and thoughts on what could be in Aftermath and Shattered Empire. We had guest host and author Colleen Myers give us her insight into what she expects to see in the bright future in the galaxy far, far  away.

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