Star Wars Rebels! Teasers, trailers and an AT-TE mobile home?

Hello friends, another Rebels teaser came out today thanks to our good friends over at the StarWars twitter feed, @STARWARS.


With all the hype leading up to Rebels season 2 premier in less then 24 hours we here at FMI thought it helpful to bunch the recent released teaser along with the other three previous ones. Hope you enjoy!

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FMI Interviews: David Rabbitte


Today we talked with David Rabbitte, He is an artist who has done extensive work in Star Wars, on a broad range of projects, everything from Topps trading cards to art for star wars celebration. He has also worked on other projects, among other things  the films Anastasia and Titan AE. You can find his website here, and you can find his blog here.

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Ep. 7’s new teaser trailer gives me something to remember

Force Awakens Teaser #2

We all have those days when we sit around on the internet taking in bits of information and filing it away for when said subject or something similar will come up in conversation later.

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