FMI# 25!

This week Rez and Shiloh went over the recent news with Rogue One and what was found in the recent Star Wars #20 and the Han Solo#1 comics enjoy!


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Shiloh, Matt and Jeffrey talk Hutts

So a week or two ago was Star Wars Hutt week, and if you missed it Jeffrey did some really nice writing about it on his site Imperial Talker . We liked it so much we asked him to join us for our own Hutt brainstorm…. a hutt-storm? Talking opinions and info about the slimy crime syndicate that held immense power in the galaxy.


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FMI #23 Kilimanjaro and Saw Gerrera!

As of posting this weeks FMI cast we just literally found out a few hours ago that Forest Whitaker is going to be playing Saw Gerrera from the Clone Wars in the live action Star Wars film Rogue One.

Forest whitaker as Saw

Entertainment weekly did a piece on it and I highly suggest checking it out.


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FMI #22


Faster and More Intense #22! Shiloh and George review Star Wars news and the latest issues of Star Wars#19 and Obi-wan and Anakin#5. George plans to take the visage of Julian Glover to Africa with him to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with. … wild.

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Star Wars Q+A with Shiloh Kamrath

Shiloh was recently featured in a Q & A session, check it out!

Conner Norton

Hey everyone, this is a Star Wars Q+A with Shiloh Kamrath of Faster and more intense

What is your favorite  character?

  • Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker. He, I think, is the most interesting character of the series, in a way that I think kylo ren is the most interesting of TFA. The character is incredibly powerful, and yet he is in inner turmoil about what to do. One of the ways he use this power is by being incredibly loyal and protective to those in his life. For me, some of my favorite scenes in Star Wars as a whole, is the parts of The Clone Wars, where Anakin is willing to become unhinged to protect Ahsoka, Padme, or Obi-Wan. Also, he provides an excellent case study of how a person with good intentions can go bad.

maxresdefault.jpgWhat is your favorite movie?

  • My favorite movie is probably revenge of the sith. Mainly…

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Matteus: A Star Wars Story

Our Next Star Wars Story this week comes from Matteus. Here is the link to the original post.

I imagine we have all seen Star Wars The Force Awakens by now. I have seen it four times, and plan on seeing it dozens more. Many people loved the film, some of my fellow hardcore Star Wars fans did not for various reasons. I am not writing this blog to debate how good or bad it was, or to nitpick at it’s flaws. My main purpose for this blog post is to highlight my extreme joy, mixed with some trepidation on where Star Wars is heading. I feel it is crucial to explain my history with Star Wars, so that the reader can understand where I am coming from.

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Connor Norton: A Star Wars Story


Our First post this week was written by Connor Norton, original post here. Check out his Star Wars Story!


Being born in 1995 made me like the star wars prequels  as a child more than the original trilogy.  I used to watch Star Wars mainly in the car, while me and my family were on a trip somewhere. We had a case full of ton of  DVD`s, and I almost always picked Episode 1 0r Episode 2 to watch over the others (Episode 3 hadn’t come out yet).  I would always look at the prints on the DVD`s, and think, I LOVE that movie.  For Episode 1, it was Darth Maul.


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Your Star Wars Story

This week we are going to be showcasing the stories of some of our writers and hosts, and anyone else who wants to participate. Nostalgia plays a big role in all of our star wars stories, and this is something we really wanted to explore. So, we will be releasing a post a day, discussing our Star Wars stories, and especially focusing on how the Star Wars we saw when we were young, impacted how we see Star Wars today. If you would like to participate, send us an email, either with your post or a link to a post you have published. Then, we will feature your story on the site. We look forward to hearing about your Star Wars stories!

Dejarik Table Podcast #1

Matt White, our co-founder on hiatus, has recently started a new project called the Dejarik Table. Here is his first podcast, featuring, among others our very own George Kostal and Eric berry. Here is the original post here. Take a listen and let them know what you think.