About Us

A short while ago we started out as a simple podcast. Taking our cue from George’s most used direction we named the podcast fasterandmoreintense. However, it soon grew to more than just a podcast as we started to do reviews, interviews, and opinion pieces. We soon came to realize that we want to be a place where fans can come and learn useful and meaningful information whether it be an interview with a fan who contributed his talents in a unique way to the star wars universe, or an in depth discussion on the role of rebels in the greater Star wars universe; we are dedicated to bringing you Star Wars, faster and more intense.

Shiloh Kamrath

Shiloh is the host of the Fasterandmoreintense podcast. He also writes occasional blog posts for the site on Star Wars and his crazy thoughts on the topic. He  loves Star Wars, Politics, and pretty much anything that requires a debate. He loves the deep discussions and topics in the star wars universe, and is a strict adherent to the Tarkin Doctrine. His favorite character is unsurprisingly Grand Moff Whilhuff Tarkin. He loves the prequels, and above all, the clone wars tv series. Since he lives under a rock he can only be contacted by snail mail. E-mail him at fasterandmoreintense@gmail.com or check out his Google plus page here.

Matt White

Matt is an occasional host on fasterandmoreintense. He also writes occasional book and comic reviews or whatever else he wants to talk about, for the site. Matt has been a Star Wars fan since his early years in the early 80’s. A fan of the Toyline and the EU he eventually started making custom toys and dioramas. He enjoys well written stories with good dialogue but not so serious that it takes the fun out of everything. He’s more of an Empire fan then the Rebel Alliance though he does admire their ingenuity to battle through peril.

Collection shot 1shelf

Freya on the dresser1

He can be found on Twitter @Rezikai or on Facebook as Rezikai Nightblade. Like Shiloh he can also be found at fasterandmoreintense@gmail.com


George Kostal

George is the co-host of fasterandmoreintense podcast, as well as an author focusing mainly on Star Wars art and collecting. He has been a Star Wars fan since he walked in on his little brother watching Return of the Jedi.  Since then his love for the series has only grown.  He’s been collecting Star Wars toys since he was eight, and his tastes have only grown more expensive since.  In addition to collecting, he’s an avid reader of Star Wars books and comics, and has been known to play the occasional Star Wars video game when the mood hits.  His favorite character in the Star Wars saga is Revan, and he’s quick to lament what The Old Republic did with him.  He can be found on his own site, galacticacademy.wordpress.com, on Twitter @The_HeftyG, on Facebook under the name George Kostal, and can be reached through e-mail via georgekostal@comcast.net.


Henry Hammond

Henry writes about many things in the star wars universe for FMI, as well as is an occasional host on several of the podcasts. Henry enjoys an eclectic lifestyle of art, music, and Star Wars. Since first experiencing Star Wars on the big screen in 1997 he has since wasted his life devoted his spare time to the study of that galaxy far, far away. He is an avid collector of Star Wars figures and a customizing enthusiast. He has won Star Wars Day trivia in his hometown of Milwaukee now two years running, a fact of which his is both proud and somewhat embarrassed about (but he won a lot of craft beer, so it’s cool). He enjoys analyzing, theorizing and dreaming about Star Wars, but when not obsessing over his favorite franchise he works as an active performer and classically trained opera singer, childrens’ theatre director, and is also trying to make it in voice acting. While fascinated with the Galactic Empire he is a true rebel at heart

 Paul Lindberg

Paul is an avid Star Wars fan and dedicated reader of the new canon novels and short stories. He loves the Original Trilogy, the Prequel Trilogy, The Clone Wars, and Star Wars Rebels. Paul’s Star Wars fandom began at the age of 8 when he saw The Empire Strikes Back, so essentially A New Hope was a prequel for him and thus he had to endure prequels long before Lucasfilm released Episodes I-III. After attending his first Star Wars Celebration in 2015, he founded the website Cloud City HoloNet as a place to bloviate about his love for Star Wars. His favorite ship is the Millennium Falcon and his favorite planet is Bespin and Cloud City. His site is http://www.cloudcityholonet.com and he can be contacted on Twitter (@dockingbay94).


Eric Berry


Eric has been a lifelong Star Wars fan and is involved in many aspects of fandom. He’s a member of the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, and R2 D2 Builders Club. He also enjoys collecting Star Wars action figures and building props from the films.

As a kid, He loved seeing behind the scenes of movies, mainly science fiction and of course Star Wars in particular. That got him interested in filmmaking and special effects and after a season of working at a haunted house attraction, He started to pursue those creative fields. He has worked on a few film projects in various capacities, such of prop making, practical effects, set design/construction, costuming, acting, writing, directing, and more. He now runs his own prop and set design business, Hole in the Ground Productions. http://www.holeinthegroundpro.com


Conner Norton

Conner was always a Star Wars fan, but watching Revenge of the Sith in theaters is what got him hooked. He loves  the prequels, clone wars, comics, and likes to write short star wars stories. His favorite characters are Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Ahsoka Tano, Mace Windu,and Jango Fett and yes he just named practically every important jedi and sith.  He loves the new star wars battlefront and once got 105 kills in a match online.You can find his blog at https://connernorton123.wordpress.com and follow him on twitter @connernorton1.

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