Too Much of a Good Thing?

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For a few years now we had the hype machine surrounding The Force Awakens. Then it was released on Blu-ray/DVD/digital and within days we were already being shown a trailer for Rogue One. It’s as if we were given a day to watch the film, a day to watch any extra content, and then were hit with the next thing we’ll all be spending money on this December. I heard a few fans use the term “barely had time to catch our breath”. I think that really sums it up.

Back when Disney first acquired Lucasfilm, someone from the house of mouse (I cannot remember who) said that they believed Star Wars had not been marketed to its full potential. That statement worried some fans. Star Wars is everywhere! Could this lead to having too much of a good thing?

I like superheroes. I don’t currently follow any superhero comics, but I grew up with superhero cartoons, live action TV, and movies. Movies and TV are where I consume all my superhero content today. Fans are really living in a golden age where we can enjoy all this content, much of which we never thought we’d ever, ever see in live action. However, I am beginning to feel fatigued by it all. I could see this coming over the last year as more and more superhero shows and movies were announced. I currently watch Agents of Shield, Arrow, Flash, and Gotham. I only have Hulu and Netflix, so I can’t get Supergirl, or I would be watching that as well. I just finished the first season of Jessica Jones right as a second season of Daredevil was released. Netflix has at least two more Marvel series slated, and other networks have at least two Marvel properties in the works. Batman V Superman just hit theaters a couple weeks ago and we have Captain America: Civil War, X-men Apocalypse, Suicide Squad, and Dr Strange still to go this year. I may be forgetting one or two, and with this much content, could you blame me?

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There’s only so much time and so you begin to pick and choose even if the content continues to be good. I dropped CW’s Legends of Tomorrow off my watch list. Suicide Squad I’m not even going to bother going to see, and maybe when other shows are on hiatus, I will finally have time to watch Daredevil season 2. I can’t even imagine if I was trying to follow the comics as well.

I am hoping this doesn’t happen to Star Wars. While I feel it has a long way to go before it would, my point is that it IS POSSIBLE. Never would I have thought I’d get superhero fatigue, but I have. One difference is more companies are delivering the content and its spread wider. Several TV shows and movies a year. Star Wars doesn’t have that…. at least not yet. We are however getting a movie each year when we’ve been accustomed to one movie every three years for a trilogy. We have an ongoing animated show and comics, and of course the constant rumor of a live action series. That is rather paltry when compared to the superhero genre. However, Star Wars is a product owned by a business who wants to make money. The Force Awakens has proven the monetary worth of Star Wars is still incredible after all these years. While George Lucas tried to make good business decisions for Lucasfilm, he could afford to have their projects be about “the art”. The Clone Wars was incredibly expensive to produce and Lucas was willing to take a hit on the profitability to get his art on the screen. The new powers that be aren’t going to make those sacrifices. They are going to work furiously milking the cash cow for all its worth. It may not be over-saturation for casual fans, or fans whom only enjoy certain kinds of content, but might leave hardcore fans “picking and choosing”.

Star Wars is unlike any other franchise. No other film property has been more studied, scrutinized, and speculated on. In short; Star Wars can’t be chugged like a beer. It needs to be sipped and savored like a fine wine where we can take in every nuance of its flavor. So while we are enjoying all this new content, hopefully Disney will remember that sometimes, less really is more.


4 thoughts on “Too Much of a Good Thing?

  1. Yeah I do have some worries that these universes will become diluted in quality. But to me, the marvel films are more in danger if this than Star Wars, at this point anyway . in excited for all the star wars films skated, though a little worried about Han Solo anthology


  2. I totally agree with this post. I still wish they weren’t making the spinoffs, but that could be changed by watching Rogue One. Disney is definitely going to milk this thing for all the money they can get which worries me. Some fans may get burnt out.


    • I’m all for spin offs. One thing I loved about the Clone Wars and Rebels is the ability to explore more of the universe than just the core story. My biggest concern there is the Han Solo film. A LOT is going to rely on casting and while it might be fun to see all those pivotal moments in Han’s history, I’d rather have totally new stories than a potential rehash or retelling.


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