Star Wars Q+A with Shiloh Kamrath

Shiloh was recently featured in a Q & A session, check it out!

Conner Norton

Hey everyone, this is a Star Wars Q+A with Shiloh Kamrath of Faster and more intense

What is your favorite  character?

  • Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker. He, I think, is the most interesting character of the series, in a way that I think kylo ren is the most interesting of TFA. The character is incredibly powerful, and yet he is in inner turmoil about what to do. One of the ways he use this power is by being incredibly loyal and protective to those in his life. For me, some of my favorite scenes in Star Wars as a whole, is the parts of The Clone Wars, where Anakin is willing to become unhinged to protect Ahsoka, Padme, or Obi-Wan. Also, he provides an excellent case study of how a person with good intentions can go bad.

maxresdefault.jpgWhat is your favorite movie?

  • My favorite movie is probably revenge of the sith. Mainly…

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