Connor Norton: A Star Wars Story


Our First post this week was written by Connor Norton, original post here. Check out his Star Wars Story!


Being born in 1995 made me like the star wars prequels  as a child more than the original trilogy.  I used to watch Star Wars mainly in the car, while me and my family were on a trip somewhere. We had a case full of ton of  DVD`s, and I almost always picked Episode 1 0r Episode 2 to watch over the others (Episode 3 hadn’t come out yet).  I would always look at the prints on the DVD`s, and think, I LOVE that movie.  For Episode 1, it was Darth Maul.



For Episode 2, it was Jango Fett.


When I was young, the most exciting parts of the movies where whenever there was a lightsaber. When Qui-Gonn Jin and Obi-Wan Kenobi were wrecking shop on the battle droids or fighting Darth Maul, I was pumped.  Mace Windu`s purple lightsaber was the coolest thing ever to me. For these reasons, I don’t hate the prequels like some people. I understand that the PT are not as well-made movies as the OT, but as a fan, I identify with the prequels more than original trilogy. Even the most die hard prequel hater would have to admit this: The Star Wars prequels are visually stunning movies. Is the dialogue, humor, acting, and even storyline worse than the OT, yes.

As far as I know, I didn’t ever see Episode 1 or 2 in the theater.  I saw Episode 3 in the theater, and it became my favorite movie of all time.  Seeing Obi-Wan and Anakin in their prime is awesome. When Anakin killed Count Dooku I was literally shocked, I couldn’t believe it.  Now that I have matured, I would’ve known that this is the story of Darth Vader and Dooku must be disposed of to make way for Vader.  I loved General Greivous as well.  When you are 10 years old, a person with 4 lightsabers is just the coolest thing in the world. Seeing Windu getting his hand cut off by Anakin, and Palpatine throwing him out of the window was heartbreaking for me as well. I dont know if I realized that Anakin was going to turn into Vader then, so when Palpatine said “Henceforth, you shall be known as Darth… Vader”I was ecstatic. The most emotional moment for me was when Anakin was being put into the suit, and you hear the sound of the helmet closing in on his head and the breathing begins. Revenge of the Sith has the most time spent on Coruscant (my favorite planet),  and the Jedi temple is probably my favorite place in the entire galaxy. After Episode 3, I would go to burger king and collect the star wars toys that came with your kids meal. I`m not sure if I still have those toys or not, but that was kind of what got me into star wars.

When Disney bought star wars in 2012, I still remember sitting in one of my high school classrooms thinking, wow, they are making more star wars movies. With the release of Episode 7, it has gotten me back into star wars.  I had never read a book, comic, or watched an episode of clone wars or rebels until 2014.  Since then I have read the novels: A New Dawn, Lords of the Sith, Heir to the Jedi,  Aftermath, and Darth Plagueis(legends). I have read the comics Darth Vader volume 1, Kanan: The Last Padawan Vol. 1, and Princes Leia . The only novels and books I read that I didn’t like were “A New Dawn”, “Aftermath”, and the Princes Leia comic.





I thought star wars books and comics were stupid before I read them.  Some of the things I thought that I wouldn’t like were still true. For some reason, I don’t like all these weird cyborgs  (Cylo in the Vader comic or Count Vidian in A New Dawn)that they put in the comics and books. Whenever a comic or book says things that don’t mix with the movies, even though they are canon, I choose to think the movie overrides books or comics.  For me, one of those things would be the return of Darth Maul in the clone wars. I don’t see any way how it can be explained that he lived through the events of episode 1.  The clone wars episodes with the little bugs that crawl in Ahsoka`s head and take over her mind were really annoying to me as well.  I prefer to forget about these things.

Through the prequels, Obi-Wan Kenobi became my favorite character in the star wars prequels.  He defeated the first sith (and coolest) in a long, long time, defeated General Grievous, but also had the courage to fight his longtime friend, Anakin Skywalker.  Obi-Wan is a very principled character, and for that reason I identify with him.



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