Cyclical history is recognized as easily as looking in a shattered mirror.

I recently wrote a post over at the Dejarik Table regarding my views on the state of collecting Star Wars collectibles. From vintage to modern and especially my beloved 3.75 scaled action figures and vehicles. You can read at the link below:

I get a little more personal in the post, but I wanted to make it personal. The 3.75 scale was mine and my friends love growing up, it was our social interaction as small kids until we got old enough to play contact sports and/or got interested in the opposite sex (as far as I know).

There’s a theme I was going for in the rant of a post but I wanted to convey here a little more calmly. That when the hobby is becoming a blur of posts sometimes it pays to stop and smell the roses to look at each part of yourself in a mirror. To remember what those who came before in the hobby did to advance it and use the knowledge they brought to make wise and informed choices.

I know I sound like a high school guidance counselor but sometimes it does pay to step back and take a look at the broader picture. There’s so much information on Star Wars collecting from places like the ,, Yakface,, SWF.UK,, and many others out there that the new blood entering the hobby with new interests thanks to the new movie may be missing because of the hyper connection to social media.

Sadly it probably means they’ll eventually be or have been ripped off to… I hope my ranting about home work in the post at DT helps some of those that will get discouraged to stay with it… Then again being an old guy maybe the Facebook free-for-all it’s becoming is exactly the mass-stimuli the newer collector wants… -shrugs-


More to say, you have?

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