Looking Forward to the Second Half of Rebels Season 2

So, let’s start with a fact. Rebels is exactly one day away. Now, here is an opinion, The Rebels Season 2 trailer was amazing. I am so excited about what Season 2 is going to bring us, and below I have assembled the six most interesting things we will be seeing in rebels this season.



The Sith Ziggurat Temple & Holocron. This, like many other things in the trailer raises so many questions. For one, where is this temple? Is this on Moriband, as an ancient sith temple? Or is it a new addition created by the empire? It does seem to hold some kind of power in its mysterious purple light. Also, why would our rebels be there? This is one of the stories that could take this season into a darker and start having a more serious impact on the universe as a whole.



Cham Syndulla and the broadening of the rebel’s fleet. The return of Cham is very exciting in several ways. First, he is Hera’s father (for anyone who didn’t know) and the dynamic between them should be quite good. Especially since we do not have that much information on Hera and her family. Secondly, this is another sign of the clone wars and rebels having close ties. Third, I really enjoy how the rebels fleet is growing, they are no longer just a group with one ship. They have gained ships, they lost them, and now they are gaining more. Once again this shows how they are now a full-fledged part of the rebellion. Finally, I can not wait to see how this ties into the novel Lords of the sith. Especially what Cham did after the events of Lords of the Sith and how it affected him and Hera.





Leia appearing. This should be very interesting seeing as we haven’t ever seen(in the New Canon) an adolescent Leia. What I am most interested in is if Leia is just around for a single episode, or might she become a recurring character. I think it is unlikely, but it would be highly interesting.



The Jedi Splinter group? This I have to say is the most mysterious and interesting possibility of all. For one the very existence of this group raises so many questions. All of which raise big questions within the canon. Option 1 is that they are a Jedi remnant. This is interesting how a Jedi remnant could survive so long, and could also contain familiar Jedi. Option 2, this is a group that has sprung up after the Jedi and has formed by non-Jedi, and simply uses their tech and symbols. Option 3 it that this group has existed before the Jedi, however this one seems unlikely due to the Jedi like regalia, but we never know. Whoever they are, the stuff they have is interesting as well. For instance, the light sabers, why would a Jedi remnant (if that is what they are) have a saber similar to Kylo Ren’s or a red lightsaber? There are just so many questions, and I cannot wait to find out the answer.



The old master. Again an extremely interesting piece of information. Along with Ezra brushing the dark side, which is an incredible story in its own right, we have a new dark sider. Well, maybe not so new, but that is all I am going to say about that. Either way it proves to be quite an interesting story-arc.



Finally, what I, along with many other fans have been waiting for ever since she walked down the temple steps. Ahsoka and Darth Vader’s battle. This proves to probably be the highlight of the season, and an incredibly exciting conclusion for a much loved character. Whether Ahsoka lives or dies, I think this will be the high point of her story.


Overall, this half of the season should be purely incredible. We are apparently going to start exploring darker stories. This hopefully, will make rebels an even better show than it is now.





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