Rebels Ramble #3 Always two there are…

Hello again folks, FMI is back with another episode of Rebels Ramble!

7th sister and 5th brothers sabers

Paul Lindberg returns to to guest host with Shiloh, George and Matt giving opinions and commentary on the recent episode of Star Wars Rebels: Always two there are.

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This week we discuss the mission that sends Zeb, Sabine, Chopper and Ezra to an abandoned Republic medical base. There they come across two new threats to the fledgling rebel cell. Inquisitors. Dispatched by Lord Vader himself this pair of imperial inquisitors are to succeed where last seasons sole inquisitor failed.

5th brother

7th sister

Sister shhh

This week we discuss

  • The Halloween feel of the episode
  • Kanan and Rex at odds over Ezra
  • The pair of inquisitors as threats
  • The Seventh Sister’s manipulation of Ezra
  • The astute awareness of the 5th Brother in battle
  • Zeb’s introspective into his situation
  • Future REBELS episode speculation

As always we’d love to hear your thoughts about the episode or the opinions or the hosts. You can email us at

More to say, you have?

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