Rebels Ramble #2: Relics of the Old Republic

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Hello friends, George Kostal hosts the initial episode of this seasons Rebels Ramble! Matt White and Henry H. (Narthax) helped give opinions and insight into the new seasons stories and speculation of what to expect within this season of Star Wars: Rebels!

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Time inquiries:

  • 8:55 Theories on how the clone trio arrived at Seelos with order 66 questions and speculation.
  • 15:39 AT-ATs and AT-TE’s were they likeable and what did we think about them and how they were used in the episode
  • 21:00 With new inquisitors and new characters coming into the Rebels. Who, what and where we’d like to see come into the series.
  • 43:27 Ahsoka speculation regarding her path during the second season
  • 48:45 Thoughts for the next episodes


Narthax’s Customs thread at ISY:

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