So I’m (Matt) a football fan, I love the Cleveland Browns. But I love watching most other any professional football, even teams I hate playing each other in a game I’ll still watch… so last night I was going to watch MNF anyways… and ahem…

continue reading for full commentary and thoughts and speculation…


I’d been wondering when the new Star Wars trailer was going to drop. Then a week or two ago we find out it drops on October 19th. Okaaaay…. so that Monday… THEN this weekend we find out that it will premier during the halftime of Monday Night Football (which I’d be watching anyways).

Thank you…

So… again myself and millions of fans (Star Wars and Football kinds) got to see the galaxy far, far away…

The opening scene of a trailer shows Rey traversing through a Star Destroyer’s hulk on Jakku. A voice of a mature female narrates “Who are you?” … We hear Daisey Ridley reply “I’m no one…“.

The dialogue is telling in the fact that it symbolizes how we see Rey’s character if we had no idea (or spoilers to) who she was in the Star Wars universe from our perspective. A scavenger walking the sands of Jakku with her droid BB8 across the dunes… that was her life.

The scenes of Ridley watch a transport lift off fade away and we have the LUCASFILM logo appear, before it fades to the previously seen ranks of the First Order stormtroopers standing at attention in front of what is assumed to be General Hux, if you listen really hard there’s a microphone PA sounding voice overlaying the music (or underneath it i guess) like the old Nazi propaganda movies from the 1930’s just for a moment before the scene changes.

The scene changes to the image of Finn in stormtrooper gear taking off his helmet and his voice-over saying “I was raised to do one thing…but I’ve got nothing to fight for.” Now I should point out in that pause he makes it shows a First Order Star Destroyer over a tie fighter being shot down and spiraling down towards a planet (I assume Jakku). The scene of the damaged and free falling tie fighter changes to Finn in a black outfit traversing desert dunes until he reaches an overlook to see a small settlement it seems.

The scene fades to black then fades back into clarity to reveal a dark ominous figure standing in front of the legendary trapezoid shaped windows of a Star Destroyer as a huge laser ray from outside the craft is being shot across the stars. (the scene was reminiscent of Vader from Ep. 5) A deep voice booms “Nothing will stand in our way.” Abruptly the camera shifts to the front of Kylo Ren’s mask as he speaks again “I will finish…” as he completes the line the shot changes to a burned hulk of Darth Vader’s mask. As Kylo continues “…what you started”. The sound overlay fades in a few familiar breaths from Vaders  respirator mask. The scene cuts to Kylo Ren holding his hand out in front of someone as he does the camera switches to show Poe Dameron seemingly restrained as Kylo holds his hand in front of his face (possibly torturing him) as he yells in agony.

A shot of forests and land being destroyed comes into focus as Poe yells, which bleeds into the engine exhaust of an old hunk of junk that is still flying after all this time… the Millennium Falcon flying over a destroyed Star Destoryer on what appears to be Jakku being shot at by a pair of following tie fighters. As the Falcon flies through ruined hulks, Rey’s voice plays over with dialogue “There were stories about what happened”. The scene fades as Han gravely aged voice says “Its true”. The scene fades to the inside of the Falcon with Finn and Rey looking at a space chart hologram the camera turns to see an old grey haired scruffy looking nerf herder. Hans Solo, who with deep age lines and a scared look says “All of it.”…

The next scene is special to me…

After Han says “All of it.” we see a star field that starts to bend to the familiar view of stars being stretched as a vessel enters hyperspace. However it finally, FINALLY. shows the the full transition from stars to the blue tunnel of hyperspace. (we’ve seen them come out of the blue tunnel and transition back to stars but i cant recall anywhere in film/tv animation where we’ve seen the beginning not even in Rebels or CW. This bit must have not been lost on Abrams because he shows the blue tunnel without a ship but soon we see the familiar image of the Falcon dashing across our view through the tunnel as the scene fades again… Awesome… simply awesome.

The scene fades black and in bold text we across the screen “THIS CHRISTMAS

The text fades to flickering shots of Kylo holding is signature cross-guarded saber, (the claymore type imo) standing at night in the rain as a small group of dark dressed beings stand around him. (Other Knights of Ren perhaps?) The scene flickers to views of the new T-70 X-wings flying over water as they open their S-Foils, the scene moves to a view of First Order Storm Troopers swarming over recently destroyed buildings on a planet surface and we hear Han solo’s dialogue continue “The Dark Side,…” the camera flashes to a battle scene of tie fighters and X-wings over the aforementioned water landscape, and then a scene as Poa climbs down from an X-Wing and walks past the nose cone to give Finn wearing a leather jacket a good luck shove on his shoulder as Finn turns to look at Poa Han’s dialogue continues.. “The Jedi…”  is heard as another air battle over the water landscape between Tie Fighters and X-Wing’s continues, then we see Rey and Finn running on a desert landscape when an explosion happens in front of them… the scene bleeds into the image of a castle with a droid in the front as Han, Rey and Finn walk past the front gate and many colorful banners hang atop the castle tops one even featuring a Mandolorian skull symbol. (Very similar if not exact same as Boba Fett had on his arm). Han’s dialogue finishes with “They’re real.”  d the castle fades to a recognized from Trailer #2 shot of Luke putting his hand on Artoo-Deeto.

The camera fades from Han’s dialogue and Luke to a view of a First Order shuttle landing with stormtroopers exiting and later a view of Captain Phasma leading stormtroopers across a burning village looking place.

The camera flashes and we see Kylo ignite his saber and slash at something as the camera fades into Rey crying over something or someones body?

The next scene is re-narrated by the more distinguished female voice from the beginning again saying “The Force…” as we see Finn, Chewbacca and Solo with their hands at their head as they would be if under arrest start to lower them and look off in the distance.

The scene swaps to an areal shot of the tie fighter and X-wing battle showing BB8 in the back of one of the X-wings, as we see BB8’s view looking at a wave of tie fighters coming at her X-wing as snow covered mountains paint the landscape… the voice continues.. “It’s calling to you…”  We see a glimpse of Poe in the cockpit of his X-wing as the camera then changes to a wide air battle between swarms of X-Wings and Tie fighters over snow covered mountains. 

The scenes come quickly as we see stormtroopers descend a shuttles ramp, then Rey shooting a blaster at someone. X-wings blasting First Order ground troops as a stormtooper is hit with an X-wing’s lasers. Kylo throwing up his hand to use the force while holding his saber (from trailer#2), the Falcon outracing tiefighters inside a Star Destroyer’s hulk, to a bridge of a ship of some kind being destroyed. For a second we see Han hold Leia to his chest as she looks sad and solemn. The scenes keep coming quicker as instantly we see Finn igniting a blue lightsaber at night in a forest (ala the mini teasers)  then to see a wider shot of him holding that saber as what appears to be a unmasked Kylo Ren with his red saber comes at him to attack.

The camera cuts to black as the voice finishes, “Just let it in”.


Lots to talk about for a while, more to assume… more to speculate on. I’ll update this post as I assume more but it’s early and I need sleep after watching this thing all night. I hope you have the same chills I do my friends of the galaxy far, far away…

More to say, you have?

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