The Emperor’s Collection #1

After Force-Friday George and myself thought it’d be a fun idea to do a podcast a on the collecting merchandise market. Be it 3-3/4 some SideShow or Gentle Giant, some admired, some maybe not so much… but all loved. Even if it’s tough love.


I recently talked about my thoughts on the POTF2 turning 20 years old and how the lines have fared since then.

I made a post at telling an old tale of POTF2 when it was launched.

While the opinions can get get heated here they are always welcome and we get so passionate is for the love of our hobby. I hope you enjoy and I hope some of you would like to share your opinions in comments or email us at I’d love to hear tales of woe or tales of success when hobby collecting, diorama making, customizing and overall fun of Star Wars merchandise!


Hole in the Ground Productions website

More to say, you have?

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