Hello everyone and thanks for joining me on FMISpotlights #2. This month we talked to another great group of people working to make the amazing fandom we have the place that it is. We talked with a filmaker, news site owner, fellow podcaster, and even the owner of a star wars acting troupe. Join us as we put the spotlight on a few more of the many people who make star wars what it is. A wonderful community of fans.

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Our first interview was with J.C. Reifenberg director of the short film “Summer of 78” we found on Youtube at his links below:

Summer ’78 on IMDB

Directed by: J.C. Reifenberg
Twitter: @Reifenberg

Produced by: James Arnold Taylor
Twitter: @JATactor

Summer ’78 poster illustrated by Chris Dee

His other film  Hughes the Force can be found here.

We also spoke with Kate Dubinko of the WhoWars , Blobba the Hut, and Nerd of Paradise Podcasts!
Kate  can be found at

Visit the Who Wars at –
Kate’s Interviews at Phoenix CC can be found here-

kate’s brand Her new podcast at-

You can find Blabba The Hut here-

 you can find her on twitter @kamiduu

Gina from the ever fun and exciting Swag77 podcast and site gave us great tips in Star Wars roleplay and cosplaying!!! (P.S. Matt loves RPing fantasy rogues and Imperials!)

Gina and her great pals can be found at,
Visit their facebook at,
Visit their instagram at

Mark Watton from the rounded off our spotlight interviews with great insight into Hothpost’s key directives, values and the fandom that all of us love about the galaxy far far away!

Visit their site at –

Visit their Twitter at – @TheHothSpot

You can find mark on twitter @armik1122
Or send him an email at

 if you would like to see someone featured on the show, or you have any questions or comments you can reach us at!

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