Star Wars Rebels! Teasers, trailers and an AT-TE mobile home?

Hello friends, another Rebels teaser came out today thanks to our good friends over at the StarWars twitter feed, @STARWARS.


With all the hype leading up to Rebels season 2 premier in less then 24 hours we here at FMI thought it helpful to bunch the recent released teaser along with the other three previous ones. Hope you enjoy!

Celebration VII Trailer #1

The fan reaction to a certain Captain was glorious.

The Lost Commanders #2

The similarities to JAWS was too close not to recognize.

Someone you can count on, “Trust him”. #3

Old confederation droid head = nostalgia.

NYCC Trailer #4


Viscous and Inquisitve #5

Did she call him pretty? … did she?…

Meeting the Clones #6

Reporting back for duty.

Thanks for the Star Wars Channel for the clips which can also be found here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Rebels hype as much as we have and like us can’t wait to see the premier tomorrow night.

More to say, you have?

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