Disney Insider Blogs Rebels news at NYCC.

Disney.com Insider’s Rebel’s Blog.


The Blog can be found ~here~

The blog also contains but isn’t limited to the Rebels Season 2 trailer as well as about a minute long scene with Ezra (Taylor Gray) and one of the new inquisitors the Seventh Sister (voiced by SMG).

Possible rival for Ezra’s affection as many are claiming on the Star Wars Youtube channel or even Barris?

Eh not sure. I know that when the Seventh Sister says her line that seems to take Ezra aback where he responds “What?” She says she doesn’t need him in one piece. Just like a dark side user to flirt with a prisoner to make him more vulnerable. Or she is just being sarcastic that he’s still in one piece and pretty as opposed to being carved up by her lightsaber… hmmm.

As weird as it sounds for Ezra to try and be courted by an older woman (even though he’s trying to garner another older woman’s affection in Sabine) let’s hope she just finds him cute in an attractive way rather then the needs to be chopped up into pieces way…

I suggest reading the whole thing as Dave Filoni gives some good insight into his thought process when creating a new series and new characters for Star Wars now that Disney has ownership of the franchise.

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