FMI#10-A S.J. Dann’s Star-fall and Star Wars… Part 2

Hello again everyone thanks for joining us for part 2 of S.J. Dann’s Star-Fall project interview and discussion.

I flew solo with our guest host S.J. Dann, who also flies by the handle of Starfall on various sites such as He has his own customizing project he hopes to turn into a sci-fi-fantasy franchise under the same name Starfall.

The Star-fall project will have a website up soon that’s currently under construction at

JorinJorin - sideJorin - tactical

S.J. and myself had such a great conversation we couldn’t fit it all into one podcast session so I broke it up into multiple parts the latter of which will be released later this week. We spoke of the influences he had when creating his own customs as well as story telling techniques with the Star-fall project.

WistrauWistrau - sideWistrau - tactical

Sensei Wistrau

Part 3 will be conclusion to our interview with S.J. Dann hope to see you there!



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