Review of Shattered Empire #1

Shattered Empire #2 svela un nuovo personaggio nella Galassia!

Having now read Shattered empire #1, I think I can say that this is now my favorite Star wars comic yet. The word I would use to describe this issue is realistic. Unlike some of the other Star Wars issues out right now, it is not a fanstastic grand adventure like, say, Darth Vader is. It doesn’t have an incredibly complex plot or crazy things happening. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I thoroughly enjoy the Darth Vader series. However Shattered empire is simply about a man and wife fighting a war, and I think this simplicity it part of its charm. It is simple and straightforward in a way that is reminiscent of the Original Trilogy, which it directly follows. To me, it literally feels like a deleted scene from Return of The Jedi, and I love it.


We start off directly thrown into the battle of Endor just before the death star is blown up. Instantly, this highlights something that I love about the series. The art. The art feels like it just came out of the movie. The artist took time putting incredible detail into the backgrounds to make it seems like this was a huge battle. The story for the first third of the issue or so is actually quite simple. We follow our main character, the rebel pilot lieutenant Bey, throughout the course of the battle. Then, afterwords we go down to the planet for the celebration, we see her trying to find her husband. Now trying to find someone you know after a battle is not an incredibly exciting or original story line. However, this feels very real, very natural. The first thing I would expect someone to do after a battle, would be to look for their spouse. Then, when they finally meet and spend the night together, it is just like what we have seen in countless books, movies, and television. It is the classic reunion after the battle. However, in my opinion it doesn’t feel old or cliché, because it is exactly what we would expect, and probably what we would do in this position. I think that this issue did a great job of portraying that lived in, normal life feel that is one of things that makes Star wars great. Yes we have action, and yes we have fantastic adventures, but we also have those stories that, in the end, reflect on ourselves.


Finally, there was also some great information about the future in this issue. For one we have one of our main characters with the last name Dameron. Coincidence? I think not. Also near the end of the book, the force on Endor, led by general Solo, makes a raid on an imperial base. After they have taken it they find that the imperials are regrouping and that they are not broken simply because the death star was destroyed. Overall, I think this is going to be a great, if short, comic book run. Of all the comic books so far, I think this one feels the most as if it could have come straight from the films.

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