Reveiw of Kanan jarrus #5

Review: Kanan – The Last Padawan #5

So, after reading Kanan #5 I am really starting to see it as a bridge between CW and rebels. This series has done a great job of holding to that New Dawn/ Rebels feel, and yet dealing with a lot of things we saw in Clone Wars. Not only that, but this series actually looks like it will be a direct continuation into the Rebel’s era. This is going to be interesting, because we may be seeing adventures with the rebel’s gang that is from Kanan’s point of view. Especially if Kanan keeps up the narrating that he has done in previous issues. This seems to imply that this comic is going to become even better than it is now.

The issue begins with Captain Styles informing Captain Grey that he has Caleb. Right off the bat we get an interesting look into the clones. When Kashmir sneeringly asks him if he “finally murdered the kid, satisfied now”, Grey responds by saying “it’s not about my satisfaction, it’s about executing a traitor to the repub…er empire”. There is a couple interesting things here. First, he is acting as we have seen most clones, that duty is above all else, which displays continuity with the other sources of media. Secondly, he forgets who the kid is a traitor to. I think that this is symbolic as the clones really don’t know what they are fighting for. Whether it is the republic or the empire, most do not care. Grey even says to him, “I don’t need to know what I am fighting for, I just need to follow order.”

We then move back to the clone’s ship where Caleb is being held. When he gets on board, Grey is surprised that Kanan is still alive. Then styles tells him he wanted him to watch him execute him, and grey seems disgusted at this. He does not feel vindictive towards Kanan, he just wants to follow orders and be done with it. Caleb then tries to talk them out of it, by reasoning that Palpatine was the true traitor to the empire. However, it seems to have no effect, so Caleb uses the force for the last time (what his narration tells us), and throws them both against the wall. About the same time Kleeve and Kasmir both come out of hyperspace and attack the larger imperial ship, and Caleb opens the airlock and sucks himself into space. He is pulled in by Kasmir however, and they try to flee.

However, the imperial ships start to overwhelm the smaller craft. Then apparently commander grey starts to remember before order 66. This is the most interesting part of the issue, because it shows us that the clones can actually remember this. He tries to talk styles out of pursuing the kid, but styles won’t listen. So, he picks up a blaster and destroys the bridge which destroys the imperial ship along with himself and styles. His last words were that he was “making things right”. This really is an incredible experience, because this shows us how Rex, Wolfe, and Gregor could have left the empire after 66. Apparently if a clone does enough thinking on the subject they can realize that what they did was wrong, and that they do not need to keep fighting. We obviously saw this in several examples in the Clone wars, but this is our first example after order 66. So we can conclude that the chip that was in the clones did not make the incapable of independent thought after the clone wars.

After they escape and land on Kaller, we get to see Caleb’s full transformation to Kanan Jarrus. He rather unremorsefully breaks with Kasmir, a man who risks so much for him. He then tells him he is taking one of the ships and leaves, not at all in a very likeable way. This is actually the point, I think. When we meet him in a New Dawn he is not supposed to be likeable. The issue ends with Hera asking Kanan if he has ever been to Kaller. And Kanan, very emphatically, replies that “Kanan Jarrus has never been to Kaller”

This marks what I believe is going to be a very interesting shift in the comic. The comic is now going to be set in the time of rebels. This is really neat, mainly because we will be seeing the ghost crew through different eyes. The art also will be very interesting. The depictions of the ghost crew in this comic are very stylized compared to the TV show. These issues will be a tantalizing lead up to the premier of rebels in a few months. I for one cannot wait for the next issue, and for rebels to premier.

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