Hope and Fear in Star Wars

The two emotions in Star Wars which I feel are most prevalent are hope and fear. Everything in star wars seems to be built around these two things. Characters either seem to be looking forward with hope, or giving into their fear. Today, I will be exploring what these two emotions mean for the Star Wars universe. Let’s start with hope.

Hope in Star Wars is more than simply a title of the first movie. It seems to be broken up into two phases. First, in the prequels and the Clone Wars we are seeing evil slowly take over the galaxy, but there is a glimmer of hope that the future will be better. In the original trilogy and Rebels, we are seeing this hope slowly growing in the galaxy. Hope is a very unique emotion. Believing that there is a better future, can lead people to selflessness and sacrifice. It is ultimately hope that allows people to realize that there can be a better future. Without hope, people have no reason to fight against present evils, as there will be nothing gained that will make the future better. Believing there is something better out there will make people sacrifice for a better future for themselves, and for others. Hope is also like a fire. Once a spark of hope has been set, people will no longer be satisfied with the tyranny of the present. With that hope in their hearts, they will rise up, and ultimately, make the world a better place.

Fear is also another emotion that drives us. Fear can be a good thing. A healthy dose of fear can keep us from things we should not do, and fear for our loved ones can make us act. However, fear is all too often made of selfishness. We fear losing our possessions, our status, or our reputation. This can drive us to do what we never believed we would. The best example of this is Anakin Skywalker. His fear of losing Padme drove him to do many evil things. Fear can also keep us from speaking out. In the empire, many felt oppressed, but only a few spoke out or rose up. This was because they were afraid for themselves, their property, or their family. The Tarkin Doctrine says it all, “rule by fear of force rather than fear itself”. The empire, like all dictatorships and oppressive regimes, know this sad truth, that most will never challenge you. The silent majority will stay silent. Fear may sometimes be helpful; it may even lead us to hope. However, we must learn to control it and harness it, and never let it get in the way of us seeing hope. For as one wise Jedi master once said, “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate to suffering.”

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