Star Wars Darth Vader #8. You are… most perceptive.


Star Wars Darth Vader issue #8.

Writer: Keiron Gillen

Pencils: Salvador Larroca

Colorist: Edgar Delgado

Cover: Larroca & Delgado

We’re back again after a bit of a lull waiting for this month’s issue to arrive.  Thankfully it got here and our suspicions were on target.

Those suspicious feelings were that Dr. Aphra is a bit smarter then to double cross Darth Vader. Thankfully we were right. The heist was part of a larger plan to gather more resources to hunt for the rebel pilot that destroyed the Death Star, Skywalker.

I’ve read other reviews of this issue voicing their distaste for the pacing of it. I’m not sure if they read Lando #1 or not but if they don’t like this issue’s pacing they must hate that one. We pick up after some time from issue six left off. Aphra and her two death dealing droids are working with a motley crew of bounty hunters to attack and steal a heap of credit ingots that were recently “liberated” by Vader in the previous issue.  Bossk is back as is IG-90 and the shorter statured hunter known as Beebox. Along with Krrsantan the slave-pit fight loving wookie and all we need for the band is a base player.

The story is actually pretty solid with the crew of hunters and Aphra trading off comments as the heist goes down. Without much of a hitch which was surprising. I had figured something would foul up the attempt at the get rich quick scheme but it went pretty smoothly. Later we see Vader and Aphra meet and she tells him the wookie was in on the plot in exchange for help with payback on people he needs to give some hard-time to. Vader doesn’t agree but leaves his answer ambiguous.

DV#8 pg 5B

Aphra asks about going after the pilot who destroyed the Death Star but Vader has to decline her wishes as he still has to play bootlicker to General Tagge who holds a meeting reviewing the work made in the sector. In the offices with Tagge are the imperial-right/hand wannabe’s that Vader encountered in issue #6. Tagge assigns them all jobs to a few of their protests wanting different opportunities to do evil stuffs. Tagge however is playing to their skills and purposely removing Vader and others from certain jobs because they are emotionally attached. Aka Vader personal grudge on the pilot who blew up the Death Star.

Tagge is upset there’s a band of nare-do-wells called the Plasma Devils tearing stuff up in the sector and he wants Vader to quell it. And just like last time Tagge has a tag along adjutant for him. This time an imperial inspector Thanoth who has a -ffffaaaabulos- Mustachio straight out of the Victorian era. This now a second time we’ve seen Tagge as a reocurring character makes me have hope we’ll eventually see his younger sister Domina Tagge from the old EU, she was force sensitive but like Anakin showed in Attack of the Clones she was more force sensitive with animal life. (Coincidence shes was a red-head like Shira Brie/Lumiya/DarkWoman? who its rumored was the loose proto-character to make Mara Jade) Eh who knows.


For the most part I loved Larroca’s art in this issue especially the 1st panel of page 5. It’s a simple yet effective trick to show the dynamic flow of  the scene, he drew our crew of thieves upside down and Joe Caramagna lettered the dialogue bubble upside down to boot! Little details like that show me how much the crew of this title loves to work on it. Also I liked the way Larroca rendered vintage Alien-esque pressure suits for Bossk and Aphra to wear are threw me back for a second… and in the second it was awesome… like punk rock bands with renewed life.

DV#8 pg 5A

Delgado’s colors are top notch as always to compliment Larroca’s art. And for those that think the issue was lackluster because of sporadic pacing I have to retort with a -shrug- I didn’t feel it was choppy nor hard to follow. In fact I dare say I thought it drug on in some scenes too much instead of jumping around too quickly. Again this is my personal opinion mind you and hence not for everyone though it is the right opinion everyone should have because it is mine.

All in all I’m glad Aphra is still working with Vader I know there’s no real romantic feelings going on, since ya… he’s basically death walking. But somewhere I hope Aphra starts to feel something for him and Vader while possibly not feeling the same feels…something.. later.. meh we’ll see. Be back in a month! ~Matt

DV#8 pg 5C

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