Reveiw of: Kanan The Last Padawan #4


Finally, the next issue of Kanan Jarrus is here, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. This series is easily my favorite of the new canon, and is doing its task, of explaining Kanan’s back story, excellently. It is unpacking who Kanan Jarrus was before and who he is now. These comics are striking a great balance between character building and an action packed storyline. As you read these comics you get the feeling that nothing is just filler. Every single frame has a purpose and helps build our opinion of this character. In my opinion these are the most masterfully written comics so far. In these comics we are learning not only who Kanan Jarrus is, but also why he is that way.

This comic starts off with Kanan seemingly betrayed by Kashmir, his smuggler “friend”. However, Kashmir breaks him out of prison and they continue with their new partnership. They continue to pull off jobs until Kanan realizes that his “friend” has actually become a friend. However, this we know cannot last, because as we know from a New Dawn, Kanan has learned to move on when he gets too close to someone. Apparently that starts here, because soon Kashmir is captured and Kanan runs yet again. He then tries to take the ship he and Kashmir were trying to buy. Before he can leave however, he too is captured. Leaving us to find out next month what happens.

One of the things I love about this series is the narration that grown up Kanan is doing. He has the ability to look at this story in retrospect and analyze his actions as a younger man. This ultimately allows us to see this comic in a different light as well. For example, when Kashmir is captured Kanan runs because he believes it will be best for Kashmir. However, the Kanan narrating says, “at least that is what I tried to tell myself”. In one sentence he changes how we view the situation. Some times he can also be regretful of his actions.  As he leaves Kashmir, Kanan muses, “I left the only true friend I ever had”. The narration adds a depth that would not be there without it.

Overall, combining the brilliant narration with masterful writing this was probably my single favorite comic of the new canon. This comic series is giving us so much new information on the character of Kanan Jarrus as well as an exciting storyline. This comic is definitely worth picking up, and I would say required reading for Rebels fans.

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