Continuity in the Canon: A Study of the New Star Wars Material Through the Eyes of 3 Pivotal Characters

An essay that Shiloh Kamrath recently did on the Mos Eisley Underground.


An op-ed guest post, written by Shiloh Kamrath ofFaster and More Intense

It is an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan. On top of getting a new trilogy (along with an undetermined number of spinoff films), we are also getting a slew of books, comics, TV shows, and yes, Star Wars: Battlefront. Recently, the old EU was struck down, cleaning the slate for all this new material. Coming with this was a declaration that it would all be canon and that it all would fit together in the same universe. Today I would like to examine the continuity of this new material, and look at what ways, good and bad, that they are fitting this universe together. I am going to examine three characters who I believe are representative of the new canon. First, I’ll take a look at Darth Vader: Not only are we learning…

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