FAMI NEWS: 7/10/15… A young Han Solo movie?

This week in the news section our friends over at Disney dropped some pretty hefty news on all of us. With San Diego Comic Con also happening this week we assumed that new StarWars news would be held back for the events of the Star Wars panels at the show…

Well we know what happens when we assume.

Carbonite Han

With so much recently being published like Dark Disciple getting it’s general release this week and the multiple Star Wars comics lines continuing and new ones like Shattered Empire starting to be hyped we were happy in our universe. We were eagerly awaiting hearing more about EA releasing StarWars Battlefront, about the new novel Aftermath coming later this year before the opening of SW: The Force Awakens and the new Lando comic starting up after the Leia title finished. A plethora of new things for devices like the recently launched Star Wars APP for phones and the new StarWars phone game as well as plenty of things from Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars and Imperial Assault still fresh in our minds…  All that along with expected stuff from SDCC later this week and we thought we were content talking about the amount of stuff the galaxy far, far, away was giving us…

Then starswars.com dropped this hunk of junk on us.



We had heard rumors of a Boba Fett Anthology film and we know Rogue One is gearing up to put the “wars’ back in Star Wars. But while it was kicked around a year or so ago that a Han Solo movie may be possible it was as thought in mosts minds to have been shelved.

Apparently Chewbacca and Han had been hitting the buffet a few too many times at whatever tapcafe they were visiting because that shelf broke in two and landed directly in the hands of a pair of directors and script writers whos previous works are solid and very well done. Chris Miller and Phil Lord did the Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street (which I loved) and some other solid works that have been decent so I can’t say it doesn’t please me to know they are helming it. Then I read who was writing the screenplay and I had a huge smile on my face. Legendary Lawrence Kasdan, who wrote Raiders fo the Lost Ark, and co-written The Empire Strikes Back. Along with his son Jon Kasdan also wrote for Freaks and Geeks and Dawson’s Creek. ….(starts to jump around)…

Ahem…. anywho with the team forming up the way it is it looks like the screenplay and directors will be solid for the film the only real question that remains is probably the biggest elephant in the room.

“Who do you get to play a young Han Solo?”

You might have just asked someone who do you get to play a young Gene Hackman or Carol O’Connor…. it’s going to be a storm for or against that actor either way.

Some thought Chris Pratt could be the next to don the blood striped pants and holstered DL-44 blaster. He’s worked with Disney, he’s a hot face for a generation and he has a cocky attitude about himself without letting it get to his head to where he doesn’t think he could be humbled in his roles… he’d be an OK choice if young Han Solo was going to be like older Empire Strikes Back/ROTJ Han Solo who had the Empire after him and tried to sneak up on a Scout Trooper and had to duke it out with said imperial.

I’d like a younger Han Solo, one more dangerous and more merciless as he was in A New Hope, blasting Greedo first… FIRST I SAY! We know it was in the original scripts as it was recently uncovered in a Canadian libraries storage area…but I digress.

Ford also put on a tougher angrier brooding character in A New Hope as when he meets Ben Kenobi and Skywalker for the 1st time. It’s hard to see Chris Pratt as an angry brooding guy willing to kill someone or threaten to easily because he feels he had to waste time talking to some jabroni of a hunter telling him he’s going to kill him instead.

Some have said Anthony Ingruber, who recently portrayed a younger Harrison Ford in Age of Adaline and had a youtube upload impression of Han Solo since 2008. Found here would be best for the role of our favorite galactic smuggler.

While I like Pratt as a guy I think Gruber looks and acts more like a younger Solo would. But the ultimate choice to cast either of the two or an unknown to Lucasfilm Disney. Whoever they choose will be villafied and exhalted as the worst and greatest reportrayal of the scruffy nerfherder all over the internet. I can’t wait to see.


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