Reveiw of: Kanan Jarrus the Last Padawan #3


Hello everyone, Shiloh here and I am going to be taking over the reviews of Kanan Jarrus for Matt. Before I get to issue number three, I would like to briefly go over the last two installments and see what new information they have brought us about Caleb Dume and the Star Wars galaxy as a whole.

The first issue starts out with a scene of the ghost crew. This was a very a good way to set the stage, because these comics are told in a mixed first person and third person view. Throughout the series Kanan is narrating some of his decisions. Once he starts remembering, we go to the planet Kaller, where he is in the middle of a battle. In these issues, I was impressed by how they captured the clones. They were able to make them very likeable, as was in the Clone Wars, so when they suddenly turn and kill their Jedi masters it was very powerful.

After the battle is won, and the planet is recovered, the writers slip into something that has become a common theme in prequel era media. The planet government is hostile to the Jedi, because they see no difference between the republic and the separatists. It is a good theme and very appropriate for these circumstances, however, I do feel like it is getting slightly old. Anyway, it serves as a device to get them to camp outside the city instead of billeting themselves in the governor’s palace.

Here we see Billaba and Caleb talking around the campfire. She shares with him her disagreement with the Jedi leading the war, to which the clones around her vehemently disagree. Then, she gives Caleb a familiar object for rebels fans, a holocron. Yes, the same holocron that Kanan has in rebels. I really do love the way that they are tying the different media together. After this, Commander Grey gets a chilling message we know very well.

Commander grey, the time has come.


We now move on to issue 2. Master Billaba and Kanan begin to fight against the clones. I think it was a smart move to break up order 66 in this way. For one, we got a really cool, suspenseful ending in the first issue, but also it broke up the story in a good way. In this second issue we see a gory fight scene of Billaba and, yes, Kanan killing clones. Yes, it is in self defense, however, killing a droid and killing a human being is much different. From the beginning of this issue the clones are the bad guys. If we had seen Caleb killing the clones in the last issue after seeing how he had interacted with them before, we might have seen Caleb with more judgment and seen the situation as less of a tragedy.

Long story short, Billaba is killed, but not before telling Kanan the now famous last words, “run”. Kanan escapes, and begins his life on the streets. A man feeds him and gives him a place to sleep, but tells him that to survive on his own, he will need to learn how to steal. Caleb takes this to heart, and decides to steal the man’s ship. This is a pivotal character moment for him I think. This is where he decides that to live he must give up all he learned in the Jedi order. Even here, only a day after Billaba is killed he is already starting to think like Kanan Jarrus. He then jumps to coruscant, but they have already had warning of his arrival, and meet him with ARC-170 fighter above the planet.

We now move on to issue 3.

After escaping the clones in an opening dogfight scene, Kanan goes back to Kaller. The man he stole the ship from finds him again, and takes his ship back. However, Kanan wants to stay with him. The man, name Janus Kashmir, hits the issue right on the head when he tells Kanan, “Kid, I get it, your used to following a master, so your in the market for a new one. Problem is I’m not in the market for a padawan.” Later on, however, Caleb notices Janus Kashmir being robbed and fights off his attackers. The problem was Kanan misunderstood the situation, as Janus and his crew were simply “negotiating” their pay. Left without a crew, Janus has no choice but to take Caleb on as his crew. We start to see exactly how much influence mentors have had on Caleb’s life. This man will definitely be a huge influence on what Kanan Jarrus becomes.

Once on board the ship, we see the man telling Kanan to change his appearance. Kanan cuts his hair, wears a blaster, and puts his holocron and light saber away. He and Janus then go off to steal some valuable droids. They are caught, and to save his own skin, Janus tries to trade Kanan for his own freedom. Showing yet once again how Kanan is learning that the only person you can trust is yourself.

Overall, I think it has been a very interesting and informative series. For me, these issues are not necessarily exciting, but they actually offer something better I think, Information. These comics read more like a prologue to a book, or, in this case to Star Wars Rebels. I think that for what these were intended to do, which is fleshing out the back-story of Kanan, they are doing exceptionally well, and I can’t wait to read the next issue.

More to say, you have?

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