Book Review: Lords of the Sith


Hello, again. Today I am going to be doing a spoiler-free review of the novel Lords of the Sith by Paul S Kemp. It is the fourth novel of the new canon put out by Del ray.

I must say, these novels are continuing to impress. I have never read any of the old EU, but from what I hear they range from amazing, to something you would use in “advanced interrogation techniques”. Thankfully however, all of these new books have been very good, and lords of the sith is no exception.

The first thing that I really liked about this book was the relationship between the emperor and Vader. I have always loved the emperor and Vader, but learning more about them has only made them more interesting characters. Going into their relationship was definitely this books strength. Other than this, the book really did not have much to offer. However, this relationship is definitely strong enough to carry the rest of the book.

The second thing that I liked was also the thing that I most disliked about the book. I have always been a proponent of making star wars darker. I loved when the Clone Wars started getting darker, my favorite character is Tarkin, My favorite part of Revenge of the sith is order 66. I have always felt that making the story darker made it feel more realistic and made the characters more interesting. This is star WARS after all. However, I did feel at certain points that this book may have been too dark. Don’t get me wrong, some of this books greatest scenes were very dark. However, this book was all dark; it never gave you really a rest. I think that some lighter moments to break of the story could definitely have gone a long way to making the book a little more balanced, and a little easier to read.

Finally, I loved how they fit this book into the continuity. They are definitely trying to make this one universe and I appreciate that. I also loved how they included all canon material in the beginning of this book in a list showing were every novel and movie to date fits in.

All in all, another great Star Wars book from Del Ray. If you want to learn more about Vader and the emperor, this is your book. If you want to just learn more about the empire, I would suggest Tarkin. My preference, get them both. You definitely won’t regret. Overall, I would give this book an A-.

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