Mark hamill panel from Celebration VII

I loved the Mark Hamill/Return of the Jedi panel with James Arnold Taylor as the host. Mark Hamill talked about how he got onto the star wars force awaken. He told how mark Hamill, his wife Marylou Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and George Lucas had a meeting together and G.L had asked mark Hamill to be in this movie. At first he said no until Carrie fisher said yes  . At first, he said he was supiscious of JJ Abrams and what he would do with the franchise. However, after being on set he said he loved JJ Abrams and talked about how much fun it was working with him. Then mark Hamill talked about the new cast: Oscaar Issac, Daisy Ridley, and John boyega and what it was like working with them. They had asked him if they can learn anything from him, but mark Hamill replied that he could learn a lot from them. Then, James had asked mark Hamill what it was like on a new hope and they talked about Alec Guinness and his Brittish humor, they also talked about Peter Cushing and what it was like to meet him.

this panel was so awesome to hear about him coming to the star wars universe and it made me so Happy that he still has affection for the star wars fans. I felt happy, sad, and cheerful through out the panel. I will forever love Mark Hamill for what he did for the franchise.


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