Thoughts on S2 of Star Wars: REBELS Trailer & Story

Rebels S2 poster

Rebels season two.

After the first season of the Ghost crew containing thirteen episodes I’m excited to see the second season is being approached with the kind of care that Filoni is known for.

At the Rebels panel this year Dave and Simon talked about bringing in more legendary characters from the OT into Rebels. But assured OT lovers that the story group will make sure the legendary characters will be handled with the care and respect they deserve.

What some will really enjoy is the mention of some of the Clone Wars era characters reappearing now some 15 years after the Clone Wars ended. Some that are loved and others that are respected. Hondo Ohnaka and Clone Wars veteran CT-7567 Captain Rex.

Ahsoka and vader

I’ll admit I’m excited to see these characters and Ahsoka in season 2 of Rebels. I’ll even admit I’m not really an Ahsoka fan. But the dynamic she will bring to Vader when they meet again will be worth the wait. Finding out what Ahsoka felt when she learned he was the betrayer of the Jedi order and why Vader let her go and didn’t hunt her down like other Jedi across the galaxy

The Rebels Season 2 Trailer can be found here.

We’ll get to see more of the Ghost’s crew backstory as well. The panel hinted that some of Sabine’s reasons for aligning against the Empire will be told, as well as some more individual tales. They won’t be all stuck on the Ghost under Hera’s command as much because she’s come to trust them enough to let them know about the rest of the fledgling rebellion.

However it plays out we’re told the story group will make it flow correctly and fluidly. It’s an exciting time if your a Rebels and OT fan, it’s an exciting time if you’re a Clone Wars fan. Dave said Ezra’s last name has meaning to it… Bridger. Bridging the Prequel era to the Original Trilogy era? Maybe it’s not that easy but either way to this fan it’ll be worth watching.

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