Ep. 7’s new teaser trailer gives me something to remember

Force Awakens Teaser #2

We all have those days when we sit around on the internet taking in bits of information and filing it away for when said subject or something similar will come up in conversation later.

This is not one of those bits.

This is the Celebration Anaheim Teaser Trailer #2 for Star Wars the Force Awakens. There is no worry of what the conversation will be, as this will be the conversation. “Hey did you see it yet?” “Have you seen the trailer from Celebration?!”. We wont need to worry what the previous topic is or was. As Star Wars is a world wide brand, it’s the kind of thing you let your kids miss the day of school to go see. Because Star Wars is one of those few events that a parent can be a kid again and kids can enjoy it with the adults. Normally something like that for kids is uncool and yes I know some kids will still shun it like the plague but those cool kids can go on with their cool selves.

We are the Star Wars Nation.

We are the old timers who saw A New Hope in 1977 at 35 years old and loved it then and still do to this day. We’re the kids who grew up in the 90’s with the books and comics remembering the toys reissued in the stores after being gone for years who filled the theaters when the Phantom Menace released and watched it sitting next to the generation previous of ours loving every second of it. Now we are the kids readying to go out on Christmas with our friends and families or even by ourselves and put ourselves in the fantasy realm of that galaxy far, far away…

I sit here remembering when I was 19 years old watching the Phantom Menace for the first time. The hype leading up the movie was so great the classical score of John Williams dubbed over scenes from the movie was on the MTV video top 10 list. My friends couldn’t make it with me that first night so I went alone. Sitting in the top left section of a crowded theater I watched the 20th Century Fox logo appear and for some odd reason I expected to see a more modern movie’s beginning like a pan down from the sky to a field.. or a fade from black slowly with credits rolling. Why I expected that I’ll never know. Because as soon as the trumpets stopped and the Lucasfilm logo faded away I the STAR WARS logo I had watched so many times as a kid, so many times on old VHS tapes that were so worn out from re-watching that they were held together by the grace of god. That instant the nostalgia hit and I realized how lucky I was.

As The Phantom Menace was wrapping up and Senator Palpatine was shown on screen something happened I’ll never forget. An older man in his late 40’s or early 50’s (it was dark and hard to tell) leaned over the empty seat next to me and pointed at the screen. “The, The Emperor.” I nodded and whispered back in agreement. I knew full well from dozens of books who Palpatine was but this older gentleman who wasn’t a kid from the suburbs in his youth, who’s rough face and clothes looked like he had seen hard times even recently as of that day in 1999 smiled at me when I confirmed his inquiry. He and I watched the rest of the movie without ever speaking again as neither of us wanted to miss a second. That is what I think about when I think about the Star Wars community, not just the internet hikikomori’s that never leave their mom’s basement. Not the StarWars ultra Otaku who know every novel and character of the old E.U. The old and the young who will share the experience of a lifetime either from thick plumes of nostalgia hitting their face or of the the awe and wonderment of seeing the galaxy far, far away for the fist time.

Seeing the star destroyer and the Tie fighters. Han, Chewie, R2 and Luke hit me with that nostalgia again… I can’t wait to let my seven year old niece watch it and wonder.

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