celebration 7 Live Stream Recap


so I just witnessed the best thing ever! I just watched the live stream for celebration VII. Here are a few of the things I loved.

JJ and Kathleen Kennedy came out and talked what star wars means to them and about producing on the film. They also went through the process of Disney asking them to make the film and meeting George Lucas for the first time. They are also both huge fans of the franchise which made me happy

JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy also  talked about the force for change program and talking about how it made 6 million dollars and gave it to unicef. They also discussed more force for change stuff coming out in the next few months.

Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Issacs also came out and gave little info on their characters and what its like to work on the film and what star wars means to them. Oscaar Issac said he’s the best pilot in the galaxy  and Daisy Ridley said she is a scavenger and then she meets finn and her whole life is changed. Boyega said he is a stormtrooper and then he meets rey who’s on the desert planet called jakku.

and now the tearjerker part, the  Veteran cast came out which included Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, and Anthony Daniels and they thanked the fans+plus picutres of the cast. This  meant to me since I love the old characters.

We also got a new star wars the forced awakens trailer which was amazing! I saw stormtroopers, a star destroyer  and a xwing in the sand tie fighters attacking the milllienium falcon a tie fighter hangar being blowned up, and chewie saying were home did it for me and this is coming from a hardcore star wars fan and  everything was so cool .I already want to see more of star wars episode 7 the force awakens I loved this.

Screenshot-63 Screenshot-80xwingtie fighters going to the star destroyyerhangarlightsaber 1

More to say, you have?

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