The work of Paul Johnson

Paul's star wars Anime poster

Galactic Empire.

There are some fans who liked the awesome might of the Imperials in the Star Wars original trilogy even against the rebels and their superman jedi.

A few years ago I came across a short 2 minute Youtube videoof a small rebel fleet being ambushed by a pair of ISD’s and an interdictor cruiser. The animation made me hearken back to the 1980’s and 90’s when anime was still a sub genre of entertainment that was relatively unknown. Before the days when people would know the names of titles like Dragon Ball or Sailor Moon (though DBZ existed earlier in Japan). I was really intrigued by the style and the actual focus of the short unfinished work was not about the courageous rebels escaping the Imperial might. It focused on the faceless Tie Pilots, giving them faces and actual emotions to the situations they were put in that we were so used to seeing from the phoenix wearing rebels. As a fan of Macross (Robotech) and later GundamWing and later versions the style was quite nostalgic.

It can be found here.

I looked into this Otaking7077 and found Paul’s instructional videos on how to rotoscope animate, cell shade and more. I had known the animation I watched as a kid from the 1980’s was no longer drawn on clear animation cells so it wasn’t a surprise to myself to see him at the PC painstakingly rendering each second of action.

The completed work was posted a few days ago with this awesome anime inspired poster art (I’m looking at you Tenchi Muyo), which was years mind you in the making…

(click the picture to open Paul’s Youtube video)

Paul's star wars Anime poster

I have to say the music tracks by Zakir Rahman does match the original Tie-Fighter flight sim game well before it becomes more TopGun-ish (it’s 80’s movie for our younger readers). I will miss the Sith music playing I think it was from KOTOR from the original 2 minute version but with this overall change I have to say it’s not even  a gripe its just more awesome.

I could sit here and go on for a while about everything I liked about the animation but there’s just so much from the interdictor gravdeflecting the Y-Wing torpedo’s to the ISD crew pits getting more scenes in the finished version to the awesome Imperial probe droid at the start. There’s just to much to go into so for now I’ll just sit and revel without the need to bring Sithlords which I’m not much of a fan of or overpowered Jedi which I was getting tired of years ago.. no now… I’ll reminisce about what’s now “Legends” EU and Baron Fel and other great loyal Imperials going to battle for the cause they believed in to a zealot extreme in my favorite part of the Galaxy far far away…

More to say, you have?

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