Review of: Heir To The Jedi


Hello Everyone. I am going to be doing a (mostly) spoiler-free review of Kevin Hearne’s Heir to the Jedi. This book is our third major novel of the new canon to come out. It is also the third Star Wars novel that I have ever read. I have never read any of the EU, so keep in mind that I am looking into these books with a fresh perspective. I look forward to reading all the novels that will be coming out, and hopefully I will be able to write a review for each one.

First off, the thing I loved in this book the most was Luke. I grew up in the prequel era, so for me the OT characters have always been a little, meh. However, after reading this book I have a much greater appreciation for Luke. This book is written in first-person, from Luke’s point of view. Therefore, it really fleshes out Luke’s character, and his motives.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was the realism in the book. I am not talking about plot lines, as some of them could at times seem to work out a little too perfectly. I am, instead, talking about Luke’s character and connection to the force. After episode IV Luke would only have about three conversations from obi wan about the force. So, in this book, and rightly so in my opinion, Luke really struggles to understand and connect to the force. It would have been very easy for the author to make Luke just get the force or be a super warrior in battle. However, he took the more realistic, and at time irritating to the readers, way of Luke messing up a lot, many times actually, literally making a mess.

Finally, I liked the tone and pace of this book. Even though it seems like they escaped certain things rather easily, I liked how they moved from mission to mission. Over the course of this book Luke travels on three or four completely separate operations. I think this did a good job of splitting the book up in a way other than changing viewpoints, which would have been very confusing.

Overall, this was not my favorite book of the new canon, but I would still give it a solid A-. This is a great book in which to learn more about Luke and the rebellion before Episode VII and Rogue One comes out, and I would definitely recommend it for all Star Wars fans.

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