MY Top 5 Star Wars Games

Hi, this is Shane McGinnis.  I was born in 1991 in riverside, California and my first game was super Mario world for super Nintendo in 1993. I moved to Texas that same year its been  hard for me, since I miss California a lot, but I’ve been in Texas now for 21 years its okay I guess. I’ll be writing posts about Star Wars games here reguraly on Faster And More Intense.  Ive been a gamer since 1993, and have played most of the Star wars games out there. This week, I am going to do a top 5 star wars gaming list. I want people to be able to enjoy these games like I did when they came out. These are 5 kind of old, but great Star Wars games that were my favorites and I hope you will like them as I did back in the day.

dark forces cover

1: dark forces is a first person shooter that was made in 1995 for the ms-dos created and published by lucasarts.  the game takes place before star wars a new hope and after it. In the game you play as Kyle Katarn,  a former imperial agent who is now a Jedi Knight. He has a dark past and his love interest is Jan Ors an imperial operative. You  gain force powers along the way in both dark and light side, and your main task is to infiltrate many imperial bases and find the Moff Jerec who killed your father Morgan Katarn. this game series  has many sequels and 1 add on pack


price tag  $16 on

star wars dark forces case

 Pros:  There are many weapons to choose from including blasters, throwable items such as thermal detonators, mines, repeater weapons, and the force powers including force choke, force lighting, force push, force pull mind trick, and several new ones such as force heal meditate.

Cons: The negatives are that the levels design are mostly the same so it can get boring, and the graphics are outdated in todays age. thBCDD49FL

2.Star Sars Commander is a RTS for the pc and it was made in 2001, It was co-developed by Ronin Entertainment and LucasArts, and published by Lucas arts.

This game has battles between episodes 4 and 5, and you can choose many different movie characters, as well as many new ones including the main character brenn tator who begins as a storm-trooper.  Your first mission starts on tatooine in a escape pod which involves c3po and r2d2, and you next arrive on the planet hoth to help the empire destroy the shield generator from the rebel alliance. 

price tag $22.12

Pros:  lots of battles you can participate in, units involve storm troopers, imperial officers, at-st, at-at. Also you get han solo, luke skywalker, and lando carlissian for the rebels, and darth vader, the empeor, and brenn tator for the empire side.

 Cons: negatives a short game, 5 hours at most, and the battles can take awhile to beat.

  1. Shadows of the Empire is a action adventure, third person shooter published and devolepd by lucasarts which was made in 1996 for the Nintendo 64, playstation, and pc/mac.

The character you play is Dash Rendar. This game takes place  before episode 6 the return of the jedi.  You start out the game in the battle of Hoth, after you win the battle you go inside the rebel base to meet up with han solo, and he has a ship called the outrider which is just a smaller millennium falcon. He has a companion named Leebo who is a wise cracking droid. You will encounter many enemies such as Boba Bett, ig88, prince Xizhor, and Jabba the Hutt. Along the way you will get many blaster ammunition and a jetpack to fly around with. At the end of the game you go to corusant to kill prince Xizhor who has ordered Jaba the Hutt to kill Luke Skywalker

 price tag $6.00 on ebay

Pros: The first star wars adventure action game for the Nintendo 64 with a lot of fun characters to meet.

Cons: Can get repetive and the graphics for todays standards are out of date.

  1. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is a rpg developed by bioware and published by lucasarts in 2003 for the xbox and pc.


You are a player who has amnesia so you don’t know who you are  yet. you wake up on the endar spire, a warship that is invaded by the sith empire, you meet Carth Onasi who helps you escape the endar spire and then he becomes your companion on the planet Taris. The classes you can become are Jedi, soldier or smuggler, there are also many weapons in the game such as light sabers, blasters, and vibroswords. The combat is turned based with real time elements. You meet up with people along the way that can become your  companions such as carth onasi, bastille, hk47, caedorous ordo mission, vao, zaalbar, etc,there are also lots of planets to go to such as manaan, taris, tatooine, korriban, dantooine, kasshyk, telos, and iv lehon.


price tag  $15-20

Pros:  this game has a morality system where you can choose dark side or light side. Also you can have blasters or a lightsaber/vibrosword as your weapon of choice. There are traits,skills and abilities to choose from such as slicing, able to use two blasters, or lightsabers. There are also many force powers to choose from also such as force lightning, force heal, force meditate, and force choke. There are also many planets to go to, and the music in this game is wonderful and has john Williams music.

Cons: The characters look bland and old, also the combat can be tedious at times.

5.Star wars bounty hunter  is a game that was made in 2002 for the Gamecube and the Playstation 2, you play Jango Fett a fearless mandalorian bounty hunter and you are tasked with capturing your enemies for bountys and to turn them into credits.This game takes place before episode 2 and it tells why Jango Fett was the person for the clone wars and why his son Boba was cloned,the main enemy of the game is Komari Vosa a dark Jedi.bounty hunter

 price $5

Pros Many weaponry such as (blasters, flamethrowns, darts, jetback, and head missle)  and missions to do so you wont get bored.

cons Too easy, and levels can be pretty big at some points.

I had a great time writing this article and I hope you will like the top 5 old, but still great, Star Wars games. Each game has its own unique thing that makes them all great from force powers, weapons to the characters , and the ships you will fly in. The environments in each game are beautiful and unbelievable. The Star Wars  galaxy was also greatly   expanded by these games by adding many great planets such as Telos iv and Lehon. Many new characters were also added such as Kyle Katarn, Darth Revan, and many many more. All of these games have greatly impacted me, and i hope that you will love them as well.

More to say, you have?

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