Ahsoka: A Look Ahead


Like many clone wars fans, I loved the character of Ahsoka. Also like many, I was extremely despondent when she walked down the temple steps. We all knew it had to happen, she had to go, one way or another; but, it did not make it any less painful to watch. Over time however, I learned to accept it. Perhaps I even learned to like it-I’m not sure. I wanted to know her story, but i was fine not knowing. Then, “Fire Across the Galaxy” happened. My first reaction was not positive at all when I watched her come down that ladder. I had watched a teenage, impressionable Ahsoka walk away from the Jedi, and now I watched a middle age, possibly wise, Ahsoka walk towards our new characters. I had become so entrenched in my position that her story was unknown, that I was angry when it was wrong. My first reaction was very selfish. What are they going to do with this character? Are they going to mess her up? Don’t they know that in “MY” head it didn’t happen this way? Looking back, it seems kind of funny, but that is how I felt. However, as the day wore on I became more and more okay with this Idea. First I realized that if she is anyone’s character, she is Dave Filoni’s and Ashley Eckstein’s, not mine. I also trust both of these people to treat her story well. Secondly, we are going to learn more about her story. I mean how cool is that. So, here are my reasons why I think Ahsoka’s return will be good for star wars.


We are getting new Ahsoka stories! No matter how much I convinced myself she did not come back, I did that lessen the pain of watching her leave. She was such an amazing character that we watched grow up during the clone wars. We watched her make her decisions and grow, much like we will watch Ezra make his decisions and grow. Now we get to see Ahsoka being a mentor to others, and I can’t wait to see what she will show us.


We will get the amazing story of Ahsoka meeting Darth Vader. Since Ahsoka was left alive at the end of clone wars this story has captured my imagination. If they meet will Ahsoka recognize her old master? Will she entreat him to turn from the dark side? Will she tearfully recount what once was before he lets her go unharmed, stricken with grief? In the clone wars, Ahsoka was the one person aside from Padme, Anakin showed he would kill, torture, and maim to keep  safe. Now whether Vader kills her or lets her go, it will provide insight into Vader’s character and possibly be the most emotional scene in star wars to date.


The next generation will be able to experience star wars. The kids that were too young for clone wars will still be able to experience the magic of Ahsoka. we experienced her as a companion, they will experience her as their guide. She will now be giving words of wisdom and advice rather than getting it. Now we have the opportunity to give the wonderful gift of Ahsoka to the next generation

Overall, I believe that the group at Lucasfilm will treat her story well. whatever happens I am sure will be an amazing story from start to finish. Like Ahsoka, we grew up during the clone wars, and like Ahsoka, we have graduated to rebels. Regardless of what happens to her, she will always live on. If not on the screen, then in our hearts.


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